Call of Duty 8: Common Server issues

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This article covers the main current Server issues encountered

Server not listed in Server Browser

  • Typically you will get the following in your Console on Server start and the server will not be visible to players (unless in their Favorites):
No Steam Master Servers found. Server will LAN visible only.
  • To fix this, get the latest version of steam.dll from the Steam root folder of a Client Steam installation. If your server does not have a Steam install, get it from a client.
  • Copy this file steam.dll into the Modern Warfare 3 Server root folder and start server again, you should now see this:
Steam Master Servers found (2). Server will be Internet Server listed.

Bandwidth / CPU Limitation Error

  • Some users have reported that the following messages sometime come up and stop the server from starting:
Invalid server configuration - insufficient upstream bandwidth 0 kbps for 18 clients. Minimum 566 kbps required.


Invalid server configuration - insufficient cpu performance 5.8237 ghz for 18 clients. Minimum 6.0000 ghz required. 
  • In both cases the solution is simply to restart the server again. It will eventually startup, no official words on cause yet.

*** NOTE THAT SINCE PATCH 1.4.364 (Server) [11-22-2011] THE CPU CHECK IS ENFORCED. FOR 6 SLOTS AND MORE AT LEAST 9Ghz Combine CPU frequency MUST BE MET ***

Some Dvar on CFG arent working

  • Until patch on 11/11/11, the stock server.cfg was using "set" instead of "seta" to set the Dvars, this is now fixed by updating your Dedicated Server Files (see HERE)
  • Find a copy of latest stock server.cfg HERE

--Zeroy 12:44, 11 November 2011 (UTC)