Call of Duty 8: Default Server Config

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This article contains the latest SERVER.CFG Stock file for Dedicated Servers
  • From 11/11/11
// Modern Warfare 3 Server Configuration

// Server command-line parameters (this section is for documentation only)

// Specify server configuration file (this file)
//+set sv_config "filename" (default "server.cfg")

// Specify server visibility (1 = LAN, 2 = Internet (default) )
//+set dedicated 1

// Open game port (Steam-visible server game port)
//+set net_queryPort 27014

// Secure game port
//+set net_port 27015

// Steam authentication port
//+set net_authPort 8766

// Steam master server (server browser) port
//+set net_masterServerPort 27016

// Server.cfg-configurable settings

// Server host name. This should always be set by the server admin.
//seta sv_hostname "Modern Warfare 3"

// Dedicated server play list (DSPL) specifying server map rotation.
//    Valid game options are controlled via DSR (dedicated server recipe) specified in the DSPL.
seta sv_maprotation "default"

// Maximum number of clients that may connect to this server (range 1-18)
seta sv_maxclients 16

// Server password. If set, users will be prompted on join attempt.
seta g_password ""

// Maximum number of private clients allowed on the server (range 0-18 (clamped to sv_maxclients) )
seta sv_privateClients 0

// Password for the private slots on this server. If set, users will be prompted on join attempt.
//    Users providing this password will have access to all slots.
//    Users providing an incorrect password will have access to the (sv_maxClients - sv_privateClients) public slots.
seta sv_privatePassword "" 

// Remote console password. If set, users will have access to a remote console, allowing server administration from a connected client.
seta rcon_password ""

// Server voice chat configuration ( 0 = "No Chat", 1 = "Free Chat", 2 = "Team Chat" (default) )
seta sv_voice 2

// Toggle voting for [player kick/map restart/next map] (0 or 1 (default) )
seta g_allowVote 1

// Toggle allowing dead players to chat with living players (0 (default) or 1)
seta g_deadChat 0

// Time in seconds before the server will kick a user for inactivity (range 0 - 10000)
seta g_inactivity 120

// Time in seconds for a player temporary ban (on kick/tempban) (range 0 - 3600)
seta sv_kickBanTime 300

// Toggle flood protection (throttling of user commands - should be enabled for non-password-protected Internet servers) (0 or 1 (default))
seta sv_floodProtect 1