Maths & Operators

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Maths is used throughout scripting to get many different values, be it the distance between two objects or to calculate an equation.

Maths & Operators

For example, a variable can be given data from an equation.

variable = 5 + 1;

Although the above example is pretty pointless, as it adds one constant to another to make a constant, and you can just calculate it yourself and use the answer i.e.

variable = 6;

But variables can be calculated using other variables, for example...

varAnswer = var1 + var2;

varAnswer will be equal to the value of var1 plus the value of var2.

There are several operators that can be used in maths...

+ :: Addition
- :: Subtraction
* :: Multiplication
/ :: Division
% :: Modulus
= :: Equals

There are also some more little-known operators such as...

++ :: Increment (+1)
-- :: Decrement (-1)
+= :: Incrementation (requires number)
-= :: Decrementation (requires number)

Example of these in use...

 var++; //Set var to var + 1
 var--; //Set var to var - 1
 var += int; //Set var to var + int
 var -= int; //Set var to var - int