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Adding Custom Player Models

Note: Before starting, this requires an advanced level of knowledge around the Black Ops 3 Mod Tools. However it does not involve any custom scripting besides adding one line to your zone file. Currently this only works for zm_mod and does not work on custom maps, however you can just run +devmap zm_ in the additional constraints when building your mod.

Setting Up Player Models Table

  • Locate the following file:
mods_character_customization (charactercustomizationtable)
  • Make a copy of that file and paste it into a new GDT with the name: zm_character_customization.
  • Once that file is in your new GDT you can now add that line to your zm_mod zone file.


You can now build your mod then launch your game and your player will be set to Ruin.

note: You can also use the table directly in your map Zone File (no mods) by doing this: You need remove / comment out this line customizationtable,zm_character_customization from zone_source\all\assetlist\core_common.csv

Creating Custom Models

  • Locate the following files and duplicate them:
pbt_mp_mercenary (playerbodytype)
pbt_mp_mercenary_body1_skin1 (playerbodystyle)
  • Rename it to pbt_zm_ and pbt_zm__body1_skin1. And place them in your corresponding GDT.
  • Enter that newly duplicated files and there you can alter the settings to your liking. Follow the guide below for best settings when defining models etc.
  • Enter the playerbodytype file (the first one: pbt_zm_) and delete all the body styles until there is one left. Rename that to the file you created in the previous step (pbt_zm__body1_skin1).
  • Scroll down to see MP Taunts. Set the counts all to 0. Feel free to remove or keep any of the fields as most are redundant in ZM.
  • Change the Zombies: Player List Icon to an image file. Must have the following features:
File dimensions to the power of 2 (e.g. 128x128)
Image usage: 2d
Mipmap disable is checked
Streamable is checked
Row count: 1, Column count: 1.
Use a transparent image for best results.
  • Models (edit in the playerbodystyle file):
Third person (body): xmodel_type = multiplayer body
View Arms: xmodel_type = viewhands
First Person Legs: xmodel_type = animated
Note: for the third person models here is an example of the joints that must be present for a good compile: