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xAnim Extractor from TomBMX is a tool that allows to export any Cod4 Cod5 or Black Ops animation


This tool allows you to export any Cod4 Cod5 or Black Ops animation. As well as providing a quick way of moving animations from BO to (cod4 / cod5) and Vise Versa.

With the included Maya 6.0 plugin this also means you can move the animations over to cod2.

Xanim extract 1.jpg

Xanim extract2.png

Maya integration

The tool will export a intermediate format that can be loaded into Maya via my plugin. I have created plugins for the following versions of Maya:

x86 is 32-bit / x64 is 64-bit
  • 6.0 (x86) <- Cod2 mod tools
  • 8.5 (x86 - x64) <- Cod4 / cod5 mod tools
  • 9.0 (x86 - x64) <- Bo mod tools
  • 2011 (x86 - x64)
  • 2012 (x86 - x64)


Some videos