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 KVP lists may be incomplete or outdated as the Radiant info has not been updated since CoD2.


Trigger that responds to taking damage. Damage trigger will trigger if a bullet intersects them or if a projectile or grenade explodes inside the trigger.

Key Value / Description
accumulate If set, this much damage must be accumulated before it will trigger
spawnflags For combinations add up the single spawnflag values (see below)
threshold If set, the min amount of damage that must be done to it to trigger it
wait -1 = one time only, otherwise triggers every frame

Note that accumulate & threshold can be used at the same time.

Spawnflag Value Description
PISTOL_NO 1 turns off response to pistol damage
RIFLE_NO 2 turns off response to rifle damage
PROJ_NO 4 turns off response to projectile damage from grenades and rockets.
Note that turning off projectile damage will also turn off splash damage, whether or not the splash is on.
EXPLOSION_NO 8 turns off response to explosion damage
SPLASH_NO 16 turns off response to splash damage from grenades and rockets.
MELEE_NO 32 turns off response to melee damage
FIRE_NO 64 turns off response to flame/fire damage
MISC_NO 128 ?? turns off response to all other misc types of damage


Trigger that responds to players by default within radius. Like Radius trigger but fixed height.

Key Value / Description
radius Adjust radius with alt-'[' and alt-']'
wait -1 = one time only, otherwise triggers every frame


Forces any touching entity to be considered on the targeted friendly chain.


Any entity that touches this will be hurt. It does dmg points of damage each server frame. Targeting the trigger will toggle its on / off state.

Key Value / Description
dmg default 5 (whole numbers only)

The entity must be used first before it will count down its life.

Spawnflag Value Description
PLAYER_ONLY 2 only damages the player
SILENT 4 supresses playing the sound
NO_PROTECTION 8 *nothing* stops the damage
SLOW 16 changes the damage rate to once per second
ONCE 32 ??

Look At

Requires a player to look at this trigger.


Trigger that responds to players by default. Can be triggered multiple times.

Key Value / Description
wait -1 = one time only, otherwise triggers every frame

Variable sized repeatable trigger.


Must be targeted at one or more entities. Once triggered, this entity is destroyed.

(You can actually do the same thing with trigger_multiple with a wait of -1)


Trigger that responds to players by default within radius and height.

Key Value / Description
height Adjust height with alt-',' and alt-'.'
radius Adjust radius with alt-'[' and alt-']'
wait -1 = one time only, otherwise triggers every frame


When activated will use its target.

Key Value / Description
delay time (in seconds) before it can be used again
offnoise specifies an alternate sound
cursorhint sets the cursor hint icon to display when the player looks at it. Default is HINT_ACTIVATE.
hintstring hint string to display over the icon. Auto replaces [Use] with the key the player must press.
Example: "Press [Use] to plant the bomb"

"cursorhint" cursor types:


Use Touch

When the player is touching and activated, the trigger will use its target.

Keys and values like for Use trigger

Sources: Radiant Entity editor and Treyarch's Wiki