Call of Duty 5: Sun

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This tutorial assumes that you already know how to create, compile & create GSCs,CSVs & FastFiles for your maps

This tutorial explain how to get a sun, moon & sunflare in your MP maps like this one:

COD:WW raw files contains a few sun/moon material file usuable:


and also Flares:


Create the sun file

- Create a new file under codwwroot/raw/sun (create the folder sun is not there already) - Copy this in the new file:

r_sunsprite_shader "sun"
r_sunsprite_size "28.8433"
r_sunflare_shader "sun_flare"
r_sunflare_min_size "237.8"
r_sunflare_min_angle "40.869"
r_sunflare_max_size "669.9"
r_sunflare_max_angle "2.14669"
r_sunflare_max_alpha "0.62536"
r_sunflare_fadein "0.2604"
r_sunflare_fadeout "0.2992"
r_sunblind_min_angle "33.9543"
r_sunblind_max_angle "9.9647"
r_sunblind_max_darken "0.20934"
r_sunblind_fadein "0.5"
r_sunblind_fadeout "1"
r_sunglare_min_angle "10.6101"
r_sunglare_max_angle "48.2526"
r_sunglare_max_lighten "0.21569"
r_sunglare_fadein "2.263"
r_sunglare_fadeout "3"
r_sun_fx_position "X Y Z"

All can be customize to suit you, especially r_sunsprite_shader/r_sunflare_shader. One parameters is VERY important:


You need to replace X Y Z by your Worldspawn value for "sundirection", example mp_roundhouse:

"sundirection" "-44 220 0" so r_sun_fx_position would be

r_sun_fx_position "-44 220 0"

Once happy, save the file as mp_yourmap.sun (yourmap being your map name)

Add sunfile to Zonefile

Add the following line to your Zone File:


Add material to Zone File

Add the following lines to your Zone File: