Call of Duty 5: Starting Mods

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Nutshell.png Since Call of Duty World At War is a Games For Windows title, custom content now needs to live in your

Documents and Settings/YOUR_USERNAME/Local Settings/Application Data/Activision/CoDWaW 


AppData/Local Data/Activision/CoDWaW/ 

for XP or Vista, respectively.

  • You still use the root game directory as a development environment, but to play your content you will need to copy your mods to the new designated area. Launcher conveniently does this for your automatically when you compile a map or build a mod, but when you share your content be sure it is clear to users on where exactly to place your mods.

  • Trying to run mods from the root directory of where your game is installed is the wrong way in Call of Duty World at War. Forcing the game to run mods from the game installation directory using dvars like fs_BaseGame or fs_localAppData is not intended/supported and may affect your profile/stats, Punkbuster, other users trying to run the mod who store mods in the correct folder, and/or the actual mods if you do not use the Documents and Settings(XP)/Local Data(Vista) folder.

Warning.png Since Patch 1.1 release 11/11/2008 the fs_game is set to default to fs_localAppData. 

  • By Default also, fs_localAppData is set to

"C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW"

Warning.png Note: "Username" stands for the folder name of the Windows profile you use. This might be "Admin" or "Owner", but can be whatever you set it to be when you created your user profile for Windows.

The idea is to change fs_localAppData and then use fs_game as normal:

  • In your Command Line add this:
+set fs_localAppData "C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\
CoDWaW" +set fs_game mods/whatever

However, you dont have to use that destination path. You can use the fs_LocalAppData dvar to place your mods anywhere you like.

  • Example:

+set fs_localAppData "C:\Documents and Settings\Tally\CoDWaW" +fs_game mods/yourmod

That places your mod, and a unique 'players' folder, at that destination path.

In fact, using the fs_LocalAppData dvar, you can even take everything back to your COD:WaW install.

  • Example:

Lets suppose you have the game installed at the default path:

C:\Program Files\Activison\Call of Duty - World at War

You can now take your mod and players folder back to that install:

+set fs_localAppData "C:\Program Files\Activison\Call of Duty - World at War" +fs_game mods/yourmod

If you now look in your COD:WaW install, you will find a 'players' folder, and a nested folder structure:


Warning.png Note: Each mod can now have its own custom slot names. When you set the fs_LocalAppData path, the game creates a new player profile folder, which has its own config_mp.cfg file. Hence, it will not clash with your default profile copy of config_mp.cfg like it did in COD4

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