Call of Duty 5: SP Utility Scripts

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“Utility scripts” are referred to as the scripts that are commonly used. For example, in the script directory, you will see several scripts with the prefix of an underscore, (i.e. _anim.gsc). These are known as the _utility scripts.
Utility Info
_anim.gsc This handles playing the various animations on AI, from body animations to facial animations to interactive animations.
_autosave.gsc Contains functions for executing game saves and checkpoints.
_callbackglobal Co-op call back functions.
_callbacksetup.gsc Contains set up functions for Co-op callbacks.
_drones.gsc Logic and functions that handle drones (non-AI).
_hud_util.gsc Contains common tasks functions for player HUD.
_introscreen.gsc Functions pertaining to introscreens before missions start such as date/time/place.
_load.gsc Loads up scripts needed for the game/missions to work properly.
_loadout.gsc Functions to player load outs; weapons players start with and the view model arms.
_spawner.gsc Gold mine of functions for AI spawners here, most of which can be used by Radiant as KVPs.
_utility.gsc Contains a lot of common tasks scripters use. Odds are, if you need to script a common functionality that other maps demonstrate, it might be in here.
_vehicle.gsc This handles playing the various effects and animations on a vehicle. Most things you see in the vehicle menu in Radiant are handled here. There's all sorts of properties that you can set on a trigger to access some of this functionality.
_vehicle_ai_anim.gsc This is where all the vehicle / AI interactions happen.
_weather.gsc This is where all the rain/ thunder/ lighting effects happen.
_zombiemode.gsc High level script for the Nazi Zombie mode.

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