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A prefab is like a small map and used mostly for buildings and scripts. When you create a prefab and use it in another map, the changes will pass over. For example if you create a house prefab and use it 5 times in another map. If you make any changes to that house, all 5 uses have that change.

Add Prefab.

  • Right click on the grid to bring up your entity menu.
  • Scroll to "misc" then click on "prefab".
  • Browse to "map_source/_prefabs" if your not already there.
  • Select any prefab from inside this folder. Once opened it will be placed in your map.

Creating a Prefab.

  • Select the components you want to include in the prefab.
  • Go to "file -> Save selected" and save it in the _prefabs folder.

Or you can:

  • Right click on the grid and go to "Prefab -> Save selected as new prefab".
 The origin of the prefab will be XYZ of 0 0 0 in the prefab .map.
  • You can select all by pressing "i" and moving the group to the center of the grid.

Sources: Treyarch's Wiki