Call of Duty 5: Mantles

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This tutorial will show you ho to use Mantle ON and mantle OVER Tool textures.

About Mantle textures

They helps the players to climb up or jump over higher objects or walls. Mantle textures not only interact wit the players, they also increases the playability of maps.

As mentioned, they are two of them:

  • Mantle ON: That allow the players to press a key to jump on, and stay on top of any object or obstacle they find on the map. This is used on fences, crates, balconies, vehicles and any middle height objects or walls.

  • Mantle OVER: Allow the players to press a key to jump over certain objects but also make them fall unavoidable to the other side. This is used mostly on tin but a bit hight walls, wired fences or any object that by logic a players/person are able to jump over but not able to stay on top of.


In this example I´m using both cases, note that I place the mantle textures a bit higher and a couple of units off the wall.

Have a look around your map and try to imagine now many places on your map need some of this Tool textures, mostly windows, mid height walls an balconies.

One Richard / Zeroy