Call of Duty 5: Lighting

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This tutorial show you how to add basic and primary lights to your map.

Basic Light

  • To create a light right click on the grid and go to "light".
  • If your light is too small or too big you can open the entity editor with "n" and type in the Key / Value of radius / ###.

Primary Lights

First create a normal light as explained above. Then in the entity editor "n" click on the check box for PRIMARY_OMNI.

  • For any primary light we need a null entity connected to the light to tell the game what direction to cast shadows in.

Right click on the grid and go to "info -> null". Place this under your light. Connect the light to the null entity.

  • Select the light THEN select null, press "w" to connect.

Light Settings

Key / Value

  • _color / # # # <----- # = value / 255. R G B
  • radius / # <----- # = units
  • intensity / #
  • fov_outer / # <----- # = degrees
  • fov_inner / #

Light Preview

To get to the Light Preview options go to "View -> Light Preview".

  • Enable Light Preview - Enables or Disables the preview as a whole.
  • Preview sun as well - When previewing lights, it shows worldspawn lighting too.
  • Start previewing selected - Adds selected lights to continuous preview.
  • Stop previewing selected - Removed selected light from continuous preview.
  • Clear preview list - Resets continuous preview.

Sources: Treyarch's Wiki