Call of Duty 5: In-game command and Binds

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Throughout the Call of Duty series, you will have noticed people are able to minipulate the colors of their writing, their Call of Duty name
  • Call of Duty World at War is no different players & admin are able to use change these variables.

Using Colors

Please read the following and you will learn how to change your call of duty world at war writting color & your Call of Duty World at War game tag.

Color Syntax Example
Red ^1 ^1Red
Green ^2 ^2Green
Yellow ^3 ^3Yellow
Blue ^4 ^4Blue
Baby Blue ^5 ^5Baby Blue
Pink ^6 ^6Pink
White ^7 ^7White
Dark Green ^8

- Only When Playing as American

^8Dark Green
Light Red ^8

- Only When Playing as Russian

^8Light Red
Dark Blue ^8

- Only When Playing as British

^8Dark Blue
Gray ^8

- Only When Playing as German

Gray ^9 ^9Gray
Black ^0 ^0Black

In-Game Recording

  • Call of Duty has the ability to record actual in game demos and standstill screen shots.

These can be very useful especially if you suspect someone of cheating.

  • The following files will be stored in the following location:
C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Main\Demo


C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Main\Screenshots

These demo files are only viewable inside Call of Duty but can be converted to AVI or MPG using some available utilities.

Task Syntax Description
demo /record (any name you want) This will record a demo
stop demo /stoprecord This will stop the recording of the demo file
screenshot F12 Take a JPG screenshot
playback a demo /demo cheater.dm_2 If you named the file Cheater the this would be the command to play it back
screenshot F12 Take a JPG screenshot of the current screen (brag on your score)

Using Binds

  • Binding key will allow you to do a few different things. For one it will allow you to say something on screen without having to type it out, for example a colored message like ^ will display on screen like such:
  • You are as able to bind your FPS in (Frames Per Second / Frame Rate) Call of Duty World at War. This comes in very handy and will save you lots & lots of time typing the commands, So you simply bind the command to a key, when once in game to press that key and your "frame rate" will be shown on screen (please read on)

Task Syntax Description
say /bind 5 say ^ By pressing 5 this will broadcast on screen
say /bin 5 say ^4=^^4= By pressing 5 this will broadcast on screen
name /bind k name ^ By pressing the

letter k this will change ur screen name to

name /bin k name ^1RGNWiki^ By pressing the letter k this will change ur screen name to
draw FPS /bind f "cg_drawFPS 1" Draw your FPS onscreen in the upper right hand corner. To turn them off bind another key using this same command and replace the "1" with a "0"
draw lagometer /bind l "cg_lagometer 1" Draw the lagometer in the lower right hand corner. To turn them it off bind another key using this same command and replace the "1" with a "0"

Using Console Commands

  • The call of duty world at war commands should only be used if you really know what your doing, whilst they wont harm your computer in any way, a missconfiguration can lead to a corrupt installation & you will need to reinstall call of duty world at war.

Command Syntax
bind <key> <command>;<command> Binds command(s) to a key
+/- bindlist Lists all binds
centerview Centers you view to straight forward
clear Clears the console window
> cmdlist Lists all CoD commands
condump <file name> Dumps the console to a file
connect <ip address> Connects to a server by IP address
cvar_restart Resets all cvars to defaults
cvardump Lists all CoD cvars
cvarlist Lists all CoD cvars with attributes
disconnect Disconnect from server
exec <config file> Executes a config file
> quit Quits the game
reconnect Reconnects to last server connected to
record [file name] Starts recording a demo to <file name>
reset <cvar> Sets a cvar to
say <string> Broadcast string to spectators
say_team <string> Broadcast string to teammates
screenshot Takes a screenshot and saves it as a .tga file
screenshotJPEG Takes a screenshot and saves it as a .jpg file. You can also press [F12]
seta r_picmip 2 Low Graphics Quality
seta cg_blood "1" Sets blood and the limited gore on (1) or off (0)
seta cg_drawCrosshair "1" If you want to see crosshairs ingame set it to 1 for on, or 0 for off. (also changeable in "options")
seta cg_drawFPS "1" show the framerate at the top of the screen
seta cg_gameBoldMessageWidth "60" To reduce the text size ingame, change the value lower than 60
seta cg_gameMessageWidth "70" How wide the text spreads across your screen
seta cg_hudAlpha "1.0" Make this number a decimal to make the compass transparent
seta com_maxfps "0" Limits your fps (frames per second) on (1) or off (0) to have unlimited
seta con_minicontime the "4" Adjusts time to do with the miniconsole
seta r_fullscreen "1" Play to play fullscreen set 1 (on) or play windowed (0)
setRecommended Sets to Optimal System Settings, as from Options menu
showip Shows your


snd_restart Restarts sound sub-system
startSingleplayer Switches to single-player mode
stoprecord Stops recording a demo
toggle <cvar> Toggles a cvar on/off
toggleconsole Toggles the console on/off
unbind <key> Removes a key bind
unbindall Removes all key binds
vid_restart   Restarts video in default size. Can be used to return to fullscreen from an Alt-Enter window
> writeconfig <file name> Writes your current configuration to <file name>

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