Call of Duty 5: Import Layout

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This tutorial wil explain how to import a pre-sketched layout into Radiant to start your map design!

Use 2d Picture for Layout

This is a tip i found very handy for the scaling of your project early in the making.
  • Create your layout on paper or on drawing/cad third-party (make it quite big, at 1024*1024)
  • Use the Custom Textures Creation Tutorial to import the picture in Radiant
  • In radiant go to preferences (P) > tick the option "Texture Brushes in 2D"
  • Select your newly imported layout texture
  • Create a brush > terrain patch with it for the size of your map/area to use layout

Here is the result (using a COD4 stock layout pics), you can then build on top of this or place your prefabs easily