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Basically Clip textures are a few textures visibles in editor but unvisibles in game that can be used not only in the creation of invisible walls that avoid tha players reach certains areas or limits of the maps, they can also be used in order to create collision around some models that by default you can walk trough.

Clip usage

If I use the Player_clip texture this way, in game the player will be unable to go any furter because these invisible walls.

Their names are a bit descriptive about what they do. Clip no sight...Metal, Rock, water, nothing, etc. Depending of the the model or the non coliding object you are using, you can choose the right clip textures to apply to it. Remember, they are invisible in game but most of them emmits sound when you walk over it.

  • The best way to see how they works is to create a test map, put some of them in an small area and test it.

Note that with COD:WAW tools most Xmodels are already clipped!


 When using some clip textures in my map, I notice a few things that could be importants to know.

Clip_player texture does block players, but if a player get in to a tank can pass trough it with no problems, so If you have clip player textures blocking the borders of your map, reinforce your limits with any other clip texture (see below).

clip vehicle, this blocks vehicles.

clip_foliage texture block vehicles, so if you want to use foliage brushes for bushes and trees, note that tanks wont run trough it.

Lastly, xmodel of Trees that are clipped by default for the players, tanks can go trough them, also trough some other models. Other problem here, Foliage does seem to block grenade and such :(

By One richard