Call of Duty 5: Arches

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This tutorial will show you how to create arches (The easy way).

Step 1 (Structure)

  • First you do is to determine the place you are going to locate the arch.

In this case I will do it between these two columns.

  • Create a brush that will represent the total size of it.

  • With the brush selected, go to Patch > Primitive > End Cap, this will convert th brush in to a curved patch.

  • Usually it needs to be rotated and scaled to fit in its place.

  • When done, just go to Patch > Cap.

  • In the small options windows that pops up just check Inverted Endcap.

  • The basic structure of the arch is done.

Step 2 (Texturing)

  • When applying textures to this arch you may notice that some of them just doesnt look correct or simply looks a bit trange.

  • When this happen, just select all the strange looking faces, and press ¨S¨ for the Surface Editor and click Lmap.

  • Also maybe you will need to select some faces individually to rotate or correct the direction of the texture.

  • As a final touch I added a block on top of the arch to complete the structure and now is ready to use.

By Zaphax