Call of Duty 5: Adding Flares

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This tutorial explains how to add triggered Flares in MP Levels.

In Radiant

  • Make a trigger_multiple and give it a targetname of flare_trigger.
  • Place a script_struct and have the trigger target it.

More Options:

  • If you want the flare to be white instead of red, give this script_struct a script_noteworthy of white.
  • If you want this flare to delay before firing when its triggered, give it a script_delay equal to the amount of time in seconds that you want it to be delayed.
  • If you want this flare to travel at a particular speed, give it a K/V pair of speed equal to the value in "MPH" that you want the flare to move (default is 300).

  • Next, place another script_struct where you want the flare to travel to, effectively creating a path for the flare to follow.
  • Make the first script_struct target the new script_struct.
  • Continue to place as many script_structs that you want for this flare's path, targeting the last to the newest.

==> You can have the trigger target as many script_structs as you want for starting point for flares to launch from.

==> You can have as many triggers doing this in the level as you want.

 Be careful of the FX particle count!!!

If you place a flare within 256 units of its trigger, any players in that radius will be "flashbanged" and shellshocked for 4 to 6 seconds.

Sources: Treyarch's Wiki