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AWE5 Public Release 2.0 Multimode

Copyright © RGN, Raiders Game Net

Changelog 2.0


  • All new weapon's Sounds (see below)
  • Firing Mode on some weapons
  • Drop Grenades/Items
  • Drop Weapon on hit
  • Viewshift on hit
  • Sound Occlusion Dvar
  • Long Range Sniper Rifles
  • NoSway on Sniper Rifles
  • The BASH IS BACK!!
  • Removed glow on Bouncing Betty
  • Server Information Screen (With Online player list)
  • New Loadscreen


  • Added support for new DLC maps
  • Camping replaced now works 100%
  • Many small tweaks

Changelog 1.13

  • Updated to Patch 1.5

Changelog 1.12

  • Small weapon pool fixed
  • Spawn protect Head Icon bug fixed

Changelog 1.11

  • Updated to Stock patch 1.4
  • Less material to fix the "2048 materials" error
  • Idle Monitor added (Thanks Wildcard!)
  • Forfeit handling added


There are 4 "modes" in this mod:

• PowerRank • Stock Ranking • ForceWeapons • Unranked

Control of these modes is at the top of awe.cfg.

NB: No 2 mode dvars should be set at the same time. This is fundamental to the running of the mod.
  • A dvar for the quick messages is included. This lets you turn off the quick messages voices. Please see in awe.cfg under Server Settings (Misc).
  • If you choose to turn off the voices the large IWD file isn’t required and you can then use the “slim” IWD file in the special ZIP folder, and use that one on your server as opposed to the default one.
  • Sniper Options. A number of new Dvars are available (thanks Marc!) and you will see a sniper.cfg in /configs to use for that.
  • All relevant dvars are dvardef-friendly, that is, they can now be set to be map or gametype specific. This means, for example, that you can have a different MOTD for each map or gametype. Or, as another example, the Admin rules on the Server Info menu can now be set separately for different maps or gametypes. So, you can now set different rules for different maps or gametype.


set scr_server_rule_1 "Rule 1. Don’t Cheat!"
set scr_server_rule_1_mp_castle "Rule Castle. Don’t Hack or Cheat!"

Putting the extension mp_castle on the end of scr_server_rule_1 makes it different only for Castle.

Features List

Those familiar with AWE will already recognise most of these features, here is a full list:

• anti-lag handler • realistic sounds (using part of Knokploeg Mod) • betty glow removed • sound occlusion dvar • grenades per nationality • view shift handling • server info menu • firing mode (rate of fire) • drop weapons on hit handling • anti-gravity dvar • force autoassign • death icon handler • hardcore persistent minimap option • gametype delay • hit icon handler • drop weapons handling • server messages • welcome messages • server logo: text and shader • pain and death sounds • anti-camper • anti-bunny hopper, and anti-jump shoot • dead body handling • team killing handler • spawn protection • health bar • health packs (if stock health regen isn’t used) • bleeding out • firstaid packs • map turret handling • map vehicles handling • end of map voting system • map rotation handling • team status hud • weapon damage mod • weapon pools • explosives disarming • swap teams at end round • laserdot crosshairs • crosshairs handling • enemy crosshairs handling • rank and crosshair names handling • zoom scope function • range finder function • Shellshock & Earthquake handler

AWE5 Custom Gametypes

In addition to the stock gametypes, we added the following custom gametypes to enhance your server’s experience:
• Capture the Flag (back) • Hold the Flag • Capture and Hold • AWE Domination • VIP


  • Read the PDF online HERE
  • To Download V2.0, please click HERE


If you want to make comments, report problems, etc, please post in this thread.

--Zeroy. 11:34, 4 December 2009 (UTC)