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Vision Files are new to the COD Serie and they bring another dimension to the way we look at the game. It is used to alter R G B but also Darkness/Brightness and Glow.

Create a new file in '[root]/raw/vision/' (create the 'vision' directory if it doesn't yet exists) called [mapname].vision, ignore any warnings that may come up when you save it with an unknown extension.

The vision file is composed of 3 sections, r_glow ,r_film and r_reviveFX

 Below is an attempt at describing each line, this is not 100% accurate!
r_glow "1" // do we want to enable the following 4 lines? / 0 or 1
r_glowRadius0 "X" // radius
r_glowBloomCutoff "X" // has to do with the radius
r_glowBloomDesaturation "X" // de-colourisation of the bloom effect
r_glowBloomIntensity0 "X" // intensity of the bloom effect
r_glowSkyBleedIntensity0 "X"
r_glowRayExpansion "X"

r_filmEnable "1" // do we want to enable the following 6 lines? / 0 or 1
r_filmContrast "X" // contrast level
r_filmBrightness "X" // brightness level
r_filmDesaturation "X" // de-colourisation level
r_filmInvert "0" // inverted colours / 0 or 1
r_filmLightTint "R G B" // colour that light places get
r_filmDarkTint "R G B" // colour that dark places get

r_reviveFX_enable		"0" // enable fx vision when player is down
r_reviveFX_contrastEdge		"0" // contrast level
r_reviveFX_brightnessEdge	"0" // brightness level
r_reviveFX_desaturationEdge	"0" // de-colourisation level
r_reviveFX_darkTintEdge		"1 1 1" 
r_reviveFX_lightTintEdge	"1 1 1"
r_reviveFX_blurRadiusEdge	"0"
r_reviveFX_motionblurWeight	"0"
r_reviveFX_contrastCenter	"0"
r_reviveFX_brightnessCenter	"0"
r_reviveFX_desaturationCenter	"0"
r_reviveFX_darkTintCenter	"1 1 1"
r_reviveFX_lightTintCenter	"1 1 1"
 The values R G B represent Red Green Blue and should be entered as their value from 0-255/255
  • If you want different colours for your map, the last 2 lines should be changed.

Easiest it to combine glow and film settings stock maps use though.

  • The vision file should now be in effect.

Find All stock Vision files HERE

--Zeroy. 17:47, 20 November 2008 (UTC)