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Intro by Mike_Nomad:

RCONMAX has been and will continue to be the ONLY rcon manager we at RGN use. Especially since it already works with CoD5! I had cause to use the jewel just yesterday to kick a goof who was enjoying going through all the players in the server bayoneting them left and right.. I asked him to cool it but it only got worse... so, RCONMAX to the rescue!! Kicked to the curb! The problem was solved.

Having tried all the features with CoD4 Servers, I came to one conclusion, they're all very useful and well thought out. Not to mention useful. Oh, I said that.

Now as I begin my explorations with CoD5 all I can say is ..... get this rcon manager.... it is BETTER than Excellent.

Truth: When I first saw this program, months ago on the old forums, I grabbed it and checked it out. Immediately, after having looked it over I decided to use this rcon manager. Shortly thereafter I PM'ed the author and made some suggestions. He was gracious and cooperative. It doesn't get any better than that. this was back at the original version. I've been with him ever since. He does good work.

New Features

  • FTP - New FTP functionality. **
  • FTP - Download / upload files. **
  • FTP - Rename / delete / new folder, both locally and remote. **
  • FTP - File Viewer / Editor - View PB screen shots (png files). **
  • FTP - File Viewer / Editor - View and edit text files (txt, cfg, log, use, dat files). **
  • Splash Screen - No splash screen for registered installations. **
  • LCM - Optional immunity from chat monitoring for Remote Admins.
  • LCM - Is now able to refresh the LCM players list every 10 log reads (even with out join records).
  • LCM - Whisper, send a message to the selected player only.
  • Players - Some redundant controls have been removed.
  • Remote Admin - MAX.KICKX.<PLAYERNAME> kicks on exact player name.
  • Remote Admin - MAX.TEMPBANX.<PLAYERNAME> temp bans on exact player name.
  • Remote Admin - MAX.BANX.<PLAYERNAME> bans on exact player name.
  • Remote Admin - MAX.KICKP.<PLAYERNAME> kicks on partial player name.
  • Remote Admin - MAX.TEMPBANP.<PLAYERNAME> temp bans on partial player name.
  • Remote Admin - MAX.BANP.<PLAYERNAME> bans on partial player name.
  • Settings - Data Import / Auto Message pop up message added message import completion.
  • Misc - Many new tool tips (hints) have been added.
  • Languages - Danish has been added.
  • Languages - More items translated in to Dutch / German / Polish.


  • Lucky Dip - A "map & game type" will not be added to the rotation if it was added as one of the previous two map & game types.
  • Map - Maximum Announcement Interval increased to 60 minutes.
  • Remote Admin - MAX.KICK.<PLAYERNAME> has been removed.
  • Remote Admin - MAX.TEMPBAN.<PLAYERNAME> has been removed.
  • Remote Admin - MAX.BAN.<PLAYERNAME> has been removed.
  • FTP (Beta) - beta FTP functionality has been removed.
  • LCM - Monitor option setting is now remembered rather then defaulting to checked.


  • Settings - Data Import / Auto Message had a problem comparing datafile versions if the selected file was on it the RconMax user folder.
  • Game Mode - Typo corrected.
  • LCM - Changes to the PB Screen Shot Message were not being saved.

Items marked with a ** will only be available in registered installations. Registration will be available to those admins who have chosen to support the project and the work behind it. With the exception of the "beta FTP" function which has been removed dues to inconsistent results, all features currently available in unregistered installations will remain available in unregistered installations, some new features will also be available in unregistered instillations.

Download HERE