Call of Duty 4: Rank Creator

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This release is a little late with COD5 just around the corner, but to be honest it was more an experiment with whilst I had no internet. Novemberdobby

Rankmaker generates new ranktables according to a few different inputs - the number of ranks, the XP required to rank up, the amount to scale the required XP consecutively, etc. It can also generate an icontable for the COD4 Asset Manager, and a batch file to run the converter on them automatically.


Rankmaker 1.jpg Rankmaker 2.jpg

Rankmaker 3.jpg Rankmaker 4.jpg

Rankmaker 5.jpg
There are four easter eggs!


Data.png Download the application HERE
Data.png or HERE

Attention 256.png
You'll need an existing ranktable to use the program, one is available from HERE

Thanks to Aintnomeinteam.