Call of Duty bo3: ZM Slowdown Trigger

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This will slowdown a player when he is in a certain trigger (When the player walks in mud for example)


You need to download this zip file and extract the script into:

Black Ops 3 Root\usermaps\<yourmapname>\scripts\zm\


Editing Map Scripts

First we going to edit the <yourmapname>.gsc file which is located in:

Black Ops 3 Root\usermaps\<yourmapname>\scripts\zm\

Paste the following line under: #using scripts\zm\zm_usermap;

#using scripts\zm\_zm_slowdown_trigger;

Editing Zone

Paste this line in your map .zone file.


Adding Trigger

In radiant add a trigger_multiple and make it cover the area you want to slowdown the player. Make it approximately the same height as a player.

Change the targetname into:



Add the following kvp to change the desired slowdown speed (Stock value = 0.5):

"script_float" "<value>"

And that's all you need to slowdown a player. U can add as many triggers as you want.

Note: U can freely modify the script if u want, there are a few vars setup so u can change the slowdown time etc.

--Ardivee (talk) 16:24, 5 February 2017 (UTC)