Call of Duty bo3: ZM FX anim

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Importing FX Anim - Siege Model

What you need

  • Tutorial used Maya 2018.3 x64bits - it may work with other version, untested
  • CODTOOLS 1.0 from DTZxPorter (Mirror for v1.0 HERE)
  • SeTools v4.0.0 from DTZxPorter
  • Greyhound / Wraith from DTZxPorter/Scobalula

Rip Assets

  • Rip the assets you need with Greyhound / Wraith: you need the smod Model in Maya format (example and you need the Fxanim(s), usually same name but _anim in Seanim format (Example: p7_fxanim_zm_island_mirg_trap_spores_1_anim.seanim)


  • After installing SeTools + CODTools, open the Model .MA file in Maya
  • Drag the .MEL to bind the model
  • Select Joints + Mesh Root > Select > Select Hierarchy
  • File > Export Selection > Select COD XMODEL_BIN > save file in correct BO3 folder after naming it as it was in .MA format
  • Import first anim using SETools > Animation > Import SeAnim File
  • Select Joints > Select Hierarchy
  • File > Export Selection > Select CoD Siege Anim Source > save file in correct BO3 folder after naming it as it was in .seanim format
  • Repeat last step if more anim but use SeTools > Clear scene in between importing animation


  • Create a new GDT or use existing one, create new Asset Xmodel
  • Xmodel should be Rigid, select the .BIN you exported earlier
  • Create the missing MTL & images (use Hydrax here for ease)
  • Create a new Asset sanim
  • Input the anim file .SIEGE_ANIM_SOURCE you exported earlier
  • Input the Siege Model you created previously
  • Set Loop if required
  • Test to see if sanim now plays in APE Preview (this is the asset you drop in Radiant)

You are done!

Zeroy (talk) 22:57, 7 April 2020 (IST)