Call of Duty bo3: Procedural Traverses (Stock AI)

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Procedural traverses are sort off “Dynamic”, it does not use an set animation like the other traverses. To enable this on the AI you have to setup a few things, i will show first on how to do this on stock provided AI. We have to modify or duplicate an existing spawner, in this case i will modify the “archetype_zm_factory_zombie” which can be found in APE. Change the settings as displayed on the images.

Behavior ASM.png

Procedural traverse check.png

Animation maps.png

Now in radiant you can add 2 nodes “node_negotiation_begin” and “node_negotiation_end”, you will have to link the begin to the end. Below is how it’s setup, you have to check the “PROCEDURAL” checkbox and the “human” checkbox for the movement type since that’s how it’s setup in APE.

Node negotiation begin.png

Node negotiation end.png

Now the AI will traverse from one node to the other one, it works in 2 ways so you don’t have to duplicate and rotate it around.