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Getting Started

Basic Editing / Mapping 101

Clipping/Tool Textures






Advanced Editing

Dynamic Entities



  • To add Fracture Gametype to your map you will need to add some location via script (X,Y and Z origins);
  • It uses DeathMatch spawns points (DM_SPAWN in Radiant) for player start / spawn
  • To add the drop locations, add this in the function main() of your map GSC (located in /usermaps/mp_yourmap/scripts/mp/mp_yourmap.gsc):
 // Stockpile hub points aka fracture deposit points
    level.cleanDepositPoints = Array ( ( x , y , z ),
                                    ( x , y , z ),
                                    ( x , y , z ),
                                    ( x , y , z ),
                                    ( x , y , z ),
                                    ( x , y , z ),
                                    ( x , y , z) );
The example above has 7 drop points but you can add more. Replace the x,y,z coordinate by your own, found by dropping a script_origin in the map at ground level in Radiant (an FX will spawn there so dead on ground).
  • To test the Gametype you can use the Launcher command line argument and add this:
+set_gametype clean

Releasing a Map / Workshop

Minimap & Loadscreen

Readme and Workshop