Call of Duty bo3: Make custom Gametype

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  • Open Launcher
  • Click on File>New and choose the Mod as template and name the mod whatever you want.

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  • The mod will be created and you see it appear in the launcher, now right click on mp_mod and choose “Show Zone Folder”

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  • This will open mod zone_source, you have to up one folder to get in your mod root, now it’s time to create the folder structure in here. Make the structure like this: scripts>mp>gametypes

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  • Now we copy over the gametype tdm from our raw. This is located in our root>share>raw>scripts>mp>gametypes. We need “tdm.gsc” & “” copy those in your mod>scripts>mp>gametypes folder.
  • Now you can rename this to whatever gametype you like to make. For example “bootsonground”

This will be the base for your new gametype. We are going to make a few changes to the base script to make sure it’s working when we launch the mod for the first time. Open your newly renamed <gametype>.gsc and add this line:

#using scripts\shared\callbacks_shared;


#using scripts\mp\_util;

In your main(){ , add this line:

callback::on_spawned( &on_player_spawned );
At the bottom of the script add this:
function on_player_spawned()
           IPrintLnBold("Welcome: " +;
  • Go back to your launcher and right click on mp_mod and choose “Edit Zone File” this will open your .zone in your default text editor.

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  • Add these lines:


#include "mp_mod.class"

Now you are good to launch your mod;

  • Make sure you checked mp_mod of your created mod. Also check “Link” & “Run”, add these commands in your commandline:

+devmap mp_sector +set_gametype <gametype>

Gt tut5.jpg

Here are a few maps with their right names:

Aquarium: mp_biodome
Breach: mp_spire
Combine: mp_sector
Evac: mp_apartments
Exodus: mp_chinatown
Fringe: mp_veiled
Havoc: mp_havoc
Hunted: mp_ethiopia
Infection: mp_infection
Metro: mp_metro
Redwood: mp_redwood
Stronghold: mp_stronghold
Nuketown: mp_nuketown_x

By Ardivee