Call of Duty UO: Damage Charts

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UO weapon chart have some difference with CoD 1 weapon chart !

Cod1 uo weapon.jpg

Melee time - time before bashing enemy

ADSZOOM FOV - Field of View in ADS (Aim down Sight) mode

Idle Amount is the area in which the ironsights/scope on a weapon moves around, affecting accuracy. Stances can improve the Idle Amount, but not all weapons benefit from lower stances.

View Kick controls the power, direction and maximum area at which the player's view will turn when firing a weapon. The numbers are measured in degrees (10 = 1°). Bigger number, more kick. Kick is random, but will focus on the average. The weapon will often kick in the direction of the higher number. A direction with two numbers means that the weapon will ALWAYS kick in that direction. View kick in HIP mode os more high than in ADS mode. Check HIP accuracy for values

View Kick Center Speed affects how quickly the camera returns to where the player was aiming. Center Speed is in effect from the very instant a shot is fired. Higher number, faster recovery.

HIP accuracy - it's strange for CoD 1 & UO. Max number is const. for any character position. Measured in °

ADS gun kick - just for info, it's not affect for game. It's replaced by View Kick


Cod1 uo grenade chart.jpg

Fuse is obviously the time for or how the explosive detonates. Hold is the time it takes to "pull the pin" before throwing.


Cod1 uo movement chart.jpg

default speed is 190 (if moving forward). If strafe, multiplier is 0.8, so 190*0.8=152. And, for example, if you have mp-44, speed is 96% (190 units per second - 100%). So final speed is 152*0.96=145 units per second