Call of Duty 7: Whitelisting Dvars

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This quick tutorial on Whitelisting of Dvars is from Sparks, associate programmer at Treyarch Studios
  • Whitelist if you want to be able to toggle the dvars from console, otherwise you can still set dvars from CFG / script without whitelisting but you won't be able to access from console.

To whitelist you would just need:

setmoddvar developer
setmoddvar developer_script

Then in-game you would exec the CFG, close the console and reopen it and enter something along the lines of:

/developer 1; developer_script 1; logfile 1; devmap <mapname>

That would turn on the developer mode and logfile (console_mp.log) for you and load a map.

The whitelist will still remain active so long as the mod remains loaded. Switching mods or closing the game wipes the whitelist and you'll have to exec the CFG again.

If you want to just set them through a CFG without whitelisting:

developer 1
developer_script 1

Then just exec that CFG in-game and do a map_restart / map_rotate / devmap. You won't be able to toggle them off/on through console though, you'd have to turn off the game or exec another CFG that sets them to zero.

Note from Sparks:

I personally would just whitelist them so you have some more freedom to toggle them at your leisure while leaving the game running. You can always fix script run-time errors / make script changes, build your Mod.FF, and do a /devmap <mapname> to load the new script for fast iteration without ever having to reboot the game / mod up each time (running in windowed mode).

Sources: Treyarch Official Forums