Call of Duty 7: Tips and Troubleshooting

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This page contains Tips and Troubleshooting steps while encountering errors using the Modtools

Linker_pc / Fastfile compiling

Error while building mod - filesize > 0

If you get this error when building a mod, make sure that you have Converted all assets using the Convert function on launcher (button shown below):

Bo launcher convert.jpg

This is also how you will get all the weapon file converted as these arent not part of the modtools package


XmodelData::WriteFile::Could not open File

If you get this error when trying to export:

Maya 2009 export 1.jpg

Maya 2009 export 2.jpg


  • Go to your Documents > maya > 2009-x64 (or x32) and open maya.env in notepad or any text editor.
  • Remove the last \ from both lines and change the / between maya and tools to \


--Zeroy 12:15, 29 June 2011 (IST)