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Modtools release 1.0

The BlackOps modtools 1.0 have been released Tuesday 22nd June 2011.

Executable Tools

(All are in /bin/)
  • Launcher: this is the central modtools utility from where all the other tasks can be launched from. It is also where you will compile your mods and pack your IWD for images or extra content.

The launcher also has some nifty utils like shorcuts to all main dev/raw folders, a map launcher as well and Maya plugin install tool (Maya 2009);

  • Effect/FX Editor: an editor for the stock FXs or to create new ones
  • Asset Manager: the utility to create new assets or alter stock ones; assets such as weapons, materials, models, animations...
  • Asset Viewer: A little visualization tool to take a look at the huge librairy of models included as well as finding out materials used for those models.

Raw files

There is a lot in there, more than in previous COD. This is mainly due to the way the game is built with a lot of extra features. Here is a summary of the main rawfiles content:

  • 545 GSC scripts (mainly MP) *get extra scripts HERE
  • 6434 Xanims (SP + MP mixed)
  • 6551 Xmodels
  • 1154 weapons (after full convert, SP + MP mixed)
  • 13271 Materials
  • 253 Destructible Definitions (Destructible models)
  • over 4000 Fxs
  • 88 GDT stock files
  • 111 Physics files

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--Zeroy 12:11, 23 June 2011 (IST)