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This tutorial will explain how to upload and run a mod on your Unranked BlackOps Server - Tutorial by @Azumikkel

The first and obvious step of this tutorial is for you to Obtain a mod!

Extract Mod

  • Extract the files to any folder. (We'll call this folder your /PXRN/ folder, just for laughs.)
  • The mod should likely consist of an archive with a folder named mp_ModName. (If so, skip to step 3).
  • If not, there should be either loose .iwd/.ff/.gsc files or a /maps/ folder. (Otherwise it's a crappy release, mildly said.)

GSC files?

  • If there are loose .gsc files and/or a /maps/, /sounds/, or images folder, select them (ctrl+click) and follow the Developer Tutorial from step 2 to step 4.
  • Now make a folder and name it mp_ModName.

Upload mod file to FTP

  • Navigate to your FTP's root (main) folder.
  • Make a folder called /players/
  • Inside that, make a folder called /mods/
  • Inside that, make a folder called /mp_ModName/
It is important that this is the exact same as the mod's folder.

Config File

  • using notepad create a file called config_mp.cfg
  • Inside this file type in:
seta sv_hostname "My Server"
  • Save the file
  • Inside /players/mods/mp_ModName/, put the file config_mp.cfg you just created
  • No need to change it, it won't affect anything, as long as it's there.

On GameServers CP

  • Log onto
  • Go into CONFIG
  • Choose 'commandline.txt' from the dropdown menu. Click 'Update'.
  • Mod: mp_ModName
  • Config File: config_mp
  • Click 'SAVE CHANGES'


  • Go into INFO
  • You should see this:
Mod FTP: ftp://username:pass[at] [Re-Sync] [View Files]
  • Click Re-Sync and wait 3-5 minutes!

Restarting the server

  • Click 'Restart server'
  • Wait for it to come back up (approx. 30 seconds)
  • You can now play the mod and configure your server with the "Call of Duty Black Ops - Remote Console" tool on Steam