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This page contains all you need to know to import new assets into BlackOps via Autodesk Maya® 2009 (32/64 bits)

Plugins Install

Plugins are provided for Maya® 2009 so that you can export your own models and animations.
In the Launcher menustrip under Tools, you can find a Maya Plugin Setup button.

ModTools LauncherPluginSetup.jpg

This will:

1) Create a Maya.env in C:\Users\[USER_PROFILE]\Documents\maya\2009\ with apropiate plugin and script pathing
2) Copy the usersetup.mel from <root>\bin\maya\tools\ to C:\Users\[USER_PROFILE]\Documents\maya\2009\scripts\
3) Extract either the 32bit or 64bit plugins depending on the application version you're using

You can feel free to do this process manually if you wish.

The next time you run Maya® 2009, you will see the CoD Tools listed in the menustrip.

ModTools MayaPlugins.jpg

Common Errors

Cannot export Xmodels

If you get this error when trying to export:

Maya 2009 export 1.jpg

Maya 2009 export 2.jpg


  • Go to your Documents > maya > 2009-x64 (or x32) and open maya.env in notepad or any text editor.
  • Remove the last \ from both lines and change the / between maya and tools to \


--Zeroy 12:38, 27 June 2011 (IST)