Call of Duty 7: Creating Gametype

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New Gametype

When making a new gametype, you'll want to keep in mind a short abbreviation that'll be used for your filenames and referenced inside text files. (ie. TDM for Team Death Match, CTF for Capture The Flag, GUN for Gun Game)

When working on your gametype, you can and are encouraged to use your mod folder as a working directory. You can copy any files you need from the \raw directory to your mod folder and edit it there.

When linking your mod FastFile, any files in your mod folder take precedence over \raw files.

Examples you can look at include Hide And Seek (Beta) and Juggernaut (Beta).


The core files you'll need to get your gametype running include the following below.

File Action Purpose
<root>\raw\maps\mp\gametypes\_gametypes.TXT Edit This File. List your gametype abbreviation here.
<root>\raw\maps\mp\gametypes\<YOUR_GAMEMODE>.TXT Create This File. UI strings for your gametype.
<root>\raw\maps\mp\gametypes\<YOUR_GAMEMODE>.GSC Create This File. Your gametype script.

UI Support

GameType UI.jpg
File Action Purpose
<root>\raw\mp\gametypesTable.CSV Edit This File. List your gametype here under the fileshare and basic training lists.

Testing The Gametype

You can run your gametype through the UI, or set it by changing the dvar g_GameType (ie. /g_GameType HNS) You'll then need to launch a map, or if you're already playing in a map, do a map restart.

If you notice the game going into Free For All even when you set the gametype dvar to your own, you might have forgotten to include _gametypes.TXT in your Zone Source or there might be a script error. Check the console for any errors.


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