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In Mod Tools Update 1.4, you will find Nazi_Zombie_Factory.GSC (Der Riese) script that contains code for DLC3 Zombies. It contains many lines of code to implement the new features; these new features will take quite a bit of time to integrate and requires proficient scripting knowledge as the scripts are tailored specifically for Nazi_Zombie_Factory.

In an effort to make it easier, a tutorial map was created for this tutorial to modulate the integration of the new Der Riese features without requiring scripting knowledge. All of the Der Riese specific code has been stripped out from the Nazi_Zombie_Factory script into separate DLC3 scripts and appropriate changes have been made to them as well as ZombieMode utility scripts to remove Nazi_Zombie_Factory specific lines and modulate them to work with any map that wants to use the features from Der Riese.

Tutorial Supplement Download: Version 1.0 Source Files (Updated September 24, 2009 ) Alternate (thanks Raven)
Playable Tutorial Download:

Tutorial Map


Mod Folder

Mod Folder Example..

You will need to start by creating a Mod folder for your map which is essential to getting a Zombie map to work. You can create a mod folder by:

1) Going to [root]/Mods
2) Create new folder.
3) Name the folder something unique like 'Zombies_On_A_Plane'. Be sure the folder name does not have any spaces in it, it may cause problems later on.

You should now see the mod folder in Launcher to compile FastFiles as Mod Specific.

Map Name

Custom Zombie maps will need to have a prefix of nazi_zombie_ in order to work correctly with the game. Your scripts/ zone source/ soundalias/ etc should follow the same naming convention too.

Keep your map name short. Anything longer than 11 characters (excluding the required Nazi_Zombie_ prefix) may cause problems later for Coop load screens and map loading. "Nazi_Zombie_Death_Valley" would be too long since Death_Valley is 12 characters.

Intro String

At the beginning of the map start is a line of information providing players a detail into where your map is taking place. You can change this for your map by creating/opening mod.STR in [root]/raw/english/localizedstrings and adding:

VERSION             "1"
CONFIG              "F:\cod5\cod\cod5\bin\StringEd.cfg"
FILENOTES           "Strings displayed in the menus go in this file."

LANG_ENGLISH        "City, Country"


This mod.STR is added in your mod.FF through the mod zone source file if you use the mod zone source file in the tutorial supplements as a template.

Power Switch

Power Switch Example In Radiant

A power switch turns on the power in your map to enable Electric Traps, Perks, Dynamic Lights, and opens Electric Doors.


To make a Power Switch:

1) Create a Misc_Model. Assign it KVPs:

"model" "zombie_power_lever"

2) Create a Script_Model. Assign it KVPs:

"model" "zombie_power_lever_handle"
"targetname" "power_switch"

3) Create a Trigger_Use. Assign it KVPs:

"targetname" "use_power_switch"

4) Create a Script_Struct. Assign it KVPs:

"targetname" "power_switch_fx"

Position these entities to look like the Power Switch in-game or in the photo.
The Script_Struct will play an electrical FX spark when the power turns on.

Main Frame

The main frame is just a trigger in essence, but you can feel free to create snazzy geometry to represent an actual 'main frame'.

To create an operable Main Frame:

1) Create a Trigger_Use. Give it KVPs:

"targetname" "trigger_teleport_core"

Pack A Punch

Pack A Punch Example In Radiant

To make Pack A Punch:

1) Create a Misc_Prefab. Give it KVPs:

"model" "_prefabs/zombiemode/"

2) Create a Script_Model (or Script_Brushmodel if you want custom built geo entity). Give it KVPs:

"model" "zombie_teleporter_mainframe_door" // This is if you want to use the door from Der Riese
"targetname" "pack_door"

3) Create a Script_Brushmodel. Assign it the Monster Clip texture. Give it KVPs:

"targetname" "pack_door_clip"
"spawnflags" "1"

(2) and (3) are the barriers to Pack A Punch, and will move together as players link teleporters eventually granting access when all three teleporters are linked.




The destination to which players are teleported to requires:

1) Create four (4) Script_Structs. Give each one a unique Targetname KVP from the list...


Teleport Box

Teleporter Box Examples In Radiant

A teleport box is where players will be moved to during the teleport transition.
You will need to make one in your map by following the steps outlined.

To make a Teleport Box:

1) Make four (4) hollow boxes in an area where player's can't see them.
2) Assign the boxes a black material. global_black material works well.
3) Inside each box in the center, make a Script_Struct.
4) Assign each Script_Struct a unique Targetname KVP from the list...


Pandora Boxes

Pandora Boxes are your weapon chests in the game that players try their luck at a weapon lottery.
You can have as many of these as you wish, but you could have one that is a start_chest as outlined below that will ensure that chest is the first one enabled.

Level Script

Pandora Box Set Up In Your Map Script

In your map script, you will see near the top a snippet of code pertaining to Pandora Boxes. Here you will list all the ones you plan to have in your map.

How this works is, whatever string you enter in for boxArray[ boxArray.size ] = "String_Goes_Here";, the game will try to get that Pandora Box in-game based upon a Script_Noteworthy KVP you assigned in Radiant to the purchase trigger for Pandora Boxes.

Having a start_chest in the list will ensure that the Pandora Box in-game with the same KVP will always be the first box in your map to be enabled. If one isn't present, a random box will be chosen by the game as the first one.


To create a Pandora Box:

Pandora Box Set Up In Radiant

1) Create a Trigger_Use. Assign it KVPs:

"zombie_cost" "950"
"targetname" "treasure_chest_use"
"script_noteworthy" "[Assign It One You Listed In Script]"

2) Create a Script_Model. Assign it KVPs:

"model" "zombie_treasure_box_lid"

3) Create a Script_Origin.

4) Create a Script_Model. Assign it KVPs:

"model" "zombie_treasure_box"

Now we need to set up targeting:

(1)Trigger_Use ====> (2)Script_Model.
(2)Script_Model ====> (3)Script_Origin.
(3)Script_Origin ====> (4)Script_Model.

You should see a red line connecting from one to the other. Position them to look like a Pandora Box as seen in-game or in the photo.
The Script_Origin is half way through the (4)Teasure Box base, this is where the random weapon lottery will start from.

You will also need to add rubble for when a Pandora Box isn't active:

Buyable Weapons

Some Of The Weapon Prefabs In Radiant

Adding weapons onto the wall is now conveniently as easy as dropping in a prefab:

1) Create a Misc_Prefab.
2) Select a weapon_upgrade_* prefab from [root]/map_source/_prefabs/zombiemode

Mini Map Image

Example Custom Minimap In-Game

To create a minimap, you will need to have an image ready with dimensions that are power of two, such as 1024x512 or 1024x1024. Once you have your image...

1) Save your image as a DDS.

Saving as DDS

2) Place the DDS file in [root]/texture_assets/menu
3) Open up Asset Manager from Launcher.
4) Select Material in the left scroll box. In the name field type in menu_map_nazi_zombie_[mapname] ie menu_map_nazi_zombie_boat
5) Click New Entry. A pop up box will appear, click Ok.
6) Configure your Asset Manager settings to be similar to one in the photo below. Your Color Map should be different and point to where you stored your image in the menu folder.

Asset Manager Settings

7) Save your GDT (Asset Manager File) in [root]/texture_assets, the filename of the GDT does not matter.
8) Either press F10, or navigate to PC Convert and select Current Asset Only.
9) Once Converter is done, navigate to [root]/raw/images and copy your minimap image and paste it into your mod folder's "images" folder.
10) Build your IWD including your minimap image.
11) In your mod zone source file, change the following line to fit your map name:



You will only need two (2) Hell Hound spawners in your map, one (1) regular and one (1) teleporter. In DLC3 the spawner is moved around to spawn in Hell Hounds, so you do not need to add in a spawner at every location you want dogs to spawn in at.

Regular HellHound

These HellHounds only spawn in during HellHound rounds.

1) Create a HellHound spawner by right clicking in Radiant, Navigate to Actors, Select Zombie Dog.

"targetname" "zombie_spawner_dog_init"

2) Give It KVPs:

"spawnflags" "3"
"script_forcespawn" "1"
"script_noteworthy" "zombie_dog_spawner"
"script_string" "zombie_chaser"

Teleporter HellHound

Teleporter HellHounds spawn in during mid-rounds when players try their luck at the Teleporter system in hopes of getting a Power Up but end up getting something deadly.

1) Create a HellHound spawner by right clicking in Radiant, Navigate to Actors, Select Zombie Dog.
2) Create a Script_Struct with KVPs:

"targetname" "teleporter_powerup"

3) Give It KVPs:

"spawnflags" "3"
"targetname" "special_dog_spawner"
"script_forcespawn" "1"
"script_noteworthy" "zombie_dog_spawner"
"script_string" "zombie_chaser"
"target" "teleporter_powerup"


In order for Zombies to spawn in the map, we need to place spawners.

To create a Spawner:

1) Right click in Radiant.
2) Navigate to Actor.
3) Navigate to Axis.
4) Navigate to Zombie.
5) Navigate to Ger.
6) Navigate to Ber.
7) Select SSHonor.
8) Give it KVPs:

"spawnflags" "3"
"count" "9999"
"script_forcespawn" "1"
"script_noteworthy" "zombie_spawner"

Zone Management

Simple Zone-Spawner Set-up

Zones manage Zombie spawners and lets AI spawn from them when players are in a zone. This is a useful and important feature because you do not want to have Zombies spawning on the other side of the map from players or spawning in areas where barriers have not been unlocked causing Zombies to get stuck.

Implementing Zones requires some scripting, but nothing too complex. All you need for implementing the zones in script is the name of the Zone and a Flag to tell the game when the area to that zone has been unblocked and is ok to start detecting players and spawning Zombies.

Info Volumes

Zones are Info_Volumes. To create a Zone (Info_Volume):

1) Right click in Radiant.
2) Navigate to Info, select Volume. You should not see a pink textured brush with the word 'Volume' written on it.
3) Give the Zone a unique Targetname KVP. For example:

"targetname" "reciever_west"
"target" "reciever_west_spawners"

Associate Spawners

Now, for the Zombie spawners you want associated with the zone you will need to change their Targetname to:

"targetname" "reciever_west_spawners"

You should see a line going from the center of the Info_Volume to the associated spawners. What we did here is tie the spawners to that specific Zone by taking the Targetname of the Zone ("reciever_west") and add "_spawners" to the end to come up with the Targetname for the spawners.

The spawners associated with zones should have the same targetname of the Info_Volume with the addition of "_spawners" at the end as seen above in the example. If this is not done HellHounds and Riser Locations for that Zone may not work properly.

Associate HellHounds

Associate Risers

Fast Files

Make sure all compiled files are mod specific and placed in your map's mod folder when compiling them in Launcher.

Mod Specific Example


Copy Nazi_Zombie_Matmata.CSV in [root]/zone_source and rename it to your map.

Inside, replace any references of nazi_zombie_matmata to your map name.

Build your map!


Copy the Mod.CSV from [root]/mods/Der_Frost and move it to your Mod folder.

Build the Mod.FF!


Copy the nazi_zombie_matmata_patch.CSV in [root]/zone_source and rename it to your map.

Build the Patch FF for your map!

It is VERY important that you be sure to build this FastFile because it contains the zombiemode assets for DLC3. If you do not make a patch FF for your map the game will try to load old zombie scripts from a common FF and essentially give you errors such as undefined function get_player_index().


While not a Fast File, it is important to note you will need to put any weapons for ZombieMode in an IWD and place it in your mod folder.

Weapons For IWD Example.

If you do not see any weapons in-game or get a weird looking default gun for every weapon except a Colt pistol, then you did not properly build the IWD containing weapons.

FAQ / Solutions / Ask A Question

If you encounter any problems using this tutorial, please visit the Discussion Page.


Key Value Pair (KVP) Information entered through the Entity Window (n by default in Radiant) to be assigned to entities.
Level Script Your map script. ie Nazi_Zombie_BurgerJoint.GSC
Script_Struct Right click in Radiant, Navigate to Script, Select Struct.
Trigger_Use Right click in Radiant, Navigate to Trigger, Select Use.
[root] The root installation of your CoDWaW game, usually "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War" for most users.


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