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Nutshell.png Xmodel Exporter is an utility created by Diego Logic; It is used to exported exiting Models to .OBJ


8/24/11 - Version 6.0

  • New: CoD BO support. This version works for the static models, but will not export or preview the animated models.

9/8/09 - Version

  • Fixed: A bug in the CoD5 decoder that would cause a crash on a few character models.

8/26/09 - Version

  • Fixed: Message box reporting that a mesh had no joints.
  • New: Maximize button.

8/23/09 - Version 5.5

  • Fixed: OpenGL crash after a previewing a model.
  • New: Updated the Maya material importer script (ImportMTL1.7.mel). Materials that are supposed to be transparent, such as glass, are now actually transparent.
  • New: Export to Maya ASCII (MA) format. The skeleton is exported along with the meshes.
  • New: When exporting to MA, you can specify whether or not to bind the meshes to the skeleton.
  • New: When exporting to MA, a Maya MEL script for binding the meshes to the skeleton is created in the 'obj' folder with the same name as the MA file.

Useful if you want to fix a character model's skeleton, and then bind the skin and skeleton.

  • New: F2 repeats a previous search upwards thru the list. (F3 repeats the search downwards.)

4/3/09 - Version

  • Fixed: MTL file referencing an IWI file.
  • When exporting to OBJ, if a material's image file was not yet converted to DDS, the material file referenced the IWI file. Since Maya cannot use an IWI, the material is invalid.
  • Now, if the DDS is not available, no image file is written to the MTL file.
  • Fixed: "Export To..." was not exporting the image files or the "_tags.html" file.

1/25/09 - Version

  • The Firefox browser cannot parse all valid Win32 paths correctly. Fixed.

1/25/09 - Version

  • Physics Presets and Constraints are listed in the Properties tree.
  • LOD Distances are listed in the Properties tree.
  • In the Settings dialog, there is now an option to export the all version model's hitboxes along with the meshes.
  • In the Settings dialog, there is now an option to scale the model up by 2.54 (cm to inches).
  • The full package contains CoD4_Weaponizer.exe
  • Since a few people had problems resulting from the wrong versions of the MFC dlls, those are now statically linked (built into the exe) to ensure that everyone has the correct version.


This version supports all Call of Duty Series xmodels. Animated models, such as vehicles and characters, are fully supported.

CoD5 (World at War) supported.

Models are exported to .OBJ format, which can be imported into Maya for editing. There is a private build available which exports to DirectX .X format. They can also be previewed in 3d by the built in previewer.





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