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Vietnam mod v1.1.png

RGN Vietnam Mod Version 1.1
Public Release
Copyright © RGN, Raiders Game Net


new in 1.1

[F] : Fixes
[A] : Additions

[F] Fix 128 Bones error (not fully tested)
[F] Fix a bug in S&D when changing Class during First Round
[F] Fix a bug in CTF where icons would follow players
[F] Fix a bug when player bled to death (no more gibbing)
[F] Fix a bug with M79 Thumper Firing mode change (goes in Slot 3 as it should now)
[F] Fix Booby Trap safe for Team mate now with set "2"
[F] Fix a display issue on Control Multiplayer Menu
[F] Fix CFG files for typo / default setup (rotation.cfg, weapon_control.cfg, ambient_control.cfg)
[F] Fix Claymore + Weapons Pool sounds (could be heard all over the map)
[F] Fix a problem with drop grenades where "throw back" was showing
[F] Fix Center Obituaries/Low Ammo/Ammo counter Dvars
[F] Fix Claymore detonating when Axis plants
[F] Increased Recoil on PPSh-41
[F] Ranks are now US Army instead of Marines (Icons + Text)
[F] Fixed non-visible Squad Invite on HUD
[F] Fix lapse in spawn protection

[A] Added 2 dvars to show/hide 2D/3D icons - also hides Flag carrier in CTF (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to switch on/off Red Crosshairs on enemies (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to Show/Hide Bomb carrier in SAB (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Weapon Damage Modifier for all weapons/items/hardpoints (see updated weapon_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to show/hide Server Info screen
[A] Added Key bind for Binoculars
[A] Added Dvars for Jump height, Fall damage
[A] Added Dvar for crouch enforce (anti stand/run) (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added M72 & Chicom Type-69 (Rpgs) as items (see updated weapon_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to Show/Hide Talking icon on VOIP (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to show/hide compass on HC (see updated vietnam.cfg)


At long last The RGN Dev team is proud to present the first public version of the multiplayer component of the Vietnam Mod for Call of Duty: World at War. The mod will take you to the Vietnam War, deep in Vietnam, where you will fight new battles between the NVA/Vietcong and the US 1st Cavalry.

The RGN Vietnam Mod features 10 new maps in its version 1.0 release:

- mp_vm_hue
- mp_vm_hue_day
- mp_vm_hospital
- mp_vm_hospital_day
- mp_vm_firstblood
- mp_vm_maquina
- mp_vm_maichau
- mp_vm_vietcong
- mp_vm_scrap
- mp_vm_stream


  • The patch 1.1 requires RGN Vietnam Mod 1.0 files already installed. You can find the Executable at bottom of this page in Downloads
  • Once the 1.0 files are install execute the RgnVietnamMod_patch1.1.exe file (for Clients) or use the Server Files package (See more informations in Notes)
  • To uninstall the Mod patch use the Add/Remove programs (Clients) or delete the folders (Server Files)


The RGN Vietnam Mod Maps above currently supports all CODWaW Stock Gametypes:

- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Search and Destroy
- Sabotage
- Domination
- Capture the flag
- War
- King of the Hill (HeadQuarters)


The RGN Vietnam Mod features 30 weapons in its version 1.1 release. These weapons are:

US Cavalry:

- M16 (full auto and burst) [Assault]
- M3A1 Grease Gun [Assault]
- M1A1 Thompson [Assault]
- M14 Rifle [Rifleman]
- M1A1 Carbine [Rifleman]
- Springfield M1903[Rifleman]
- M14 XM21 [Sharpshooter]
- M40A1 [Sharpshooter]
- M60 [Support]
- Browning M1919A6 Bipod [Support]
- Winchester 1200 [Engineer]


- AK47 (Full auto and Single Shot) [Assault]
- Ppsh-41 [Assault]
- Pps-43 [Assault]
- K-50M [Special Ops]
- SKS w/AK magazine [Rifleman]
- Mosin-Nagant [Rifleman]
- Kar98k [Rifleman]
- SVD Dragunov [Sharpshooter]
- Mosin Scoped [Sharpshooter]
- RPD [Support]
- DP-28 Bipod [Support]
- M1897 Trench Gun [Engineer] 

All/Admin choice:

- Colt 1911 Handgun
- 357 Magnum
- M79 "Thumper" [Admin choice]
- TT-Tokarev Handgun
- Double Barreled Shotgun [Engineer]
- Double Barreled Saw-Off Shotgun [Engineer]
- M72 LAW Rpg
- Chicom Type-69 Rpg


The RGN Vietnam Mod features new player models and skins for all Classes.


The RGN Vietnam Mod uses a class selection system, it is composed of 6 classes per sides:

Assault - Light Machine guns (M16, AK47 ...)
Rifleman - Rifles, bolts & semi-auto (Kar98, SKS...)
Sharpshooter - Snipers Rifles (M21, SVD Dragunov ..)
Support - Heavy Machine guns (M60, RPD ...)
Engineer - Shotguns, M79 Grenade Launcher
S.O.G/Special Ops - Sub Machine guns with Silenced options (XM177, K50...)


List of features in the current version 1.1:

HUD features:

- HUD ammo / warning hide handling
- Team status hud
- Crosshair handling
- Enemy crosshair handling
- Rank and crosshair names handling
- Death icon handler
- Hit icon handler
- Hardcore persistent minimap option
- Claymore/Betty icon handling
- Range finder function (scoped or non-scoped)
- Third person mode option
- Compass switch for HC mode (since 1.1)

Menus features:

- Force auto assign
- Weapon lock feature
- Server info menu with player info
- Rules handling in server info
- Add server to favorite option
- Class limitation handling
- Admin Menu with multiple functions (see Notes)

Health features:

- Health bar
- Health packs
- Bleeding out
- First aid handling
- Call for medic (via quickmenu)

Weapons features:

- Firing mode on-the-fly (not for all weapons, see Notes)
- Longer smoke grenades
- Claymores added
- Signal Smoke Nades
- Grenades models per team
- Drop grenades handling
- Map turret handling
- Zoom scope function (on scoped weapon only)
- Napalm/Mortar Hardpoints Streak handling
- Perk setup handling
- Bash Melee on most weapons
- Weapon pool: Spawn pre-selected weapon on maps
- Booby traps (used when player has at least 2 grenades)
- Weapon damage modifier for all weapons (since 1.1)

Realism features:

- Drop weapons on shoot handling
- View shift on shoot handling
- Pain/Death Sounds
- No Stand / Crouch enforce (since 1.1)

Miscellaneous features:

- Server messages
- Welcome messages
- Anti-bunny hopper, and anti-jump shoot
- Spawn protection
- Ambient Mortars & Flak
- Ambient Huey Helicopters
- Napalm Airstrike (for Allies)
- Player Speed handling
- Forfeit override function
- Anti-camping handling
- Anti-sprint on start handling
- Taunts per team (via quickmenu)
- Custom Battle Chatters per team
- Custom Voice-Overs per team
- Custom Spawn music
- Sound occlusion handling
- Client Console handling
- Helmet popping option
- Music handling (spawn + in game)
- Anti-Lag, Gravity handling
- Radio playing in some Custom Maps


Version 1.1

Clients (Installer .EXE)

Server Admins (ZIP only)

Version 1.0

Clients (Installer .EXE)

Server Admins (ZIP only)



Zeroy (Founder/Mapper/Scripter)
Paulo88 (Level Designer)
Wakka (Level Designer)
Narcozz (Level Designer)
Carcass26 (Level Designer)
Coldair (Level Designer)
Atomicelvis (Level Designer)
|[FR]|FOX (Level Designer)
Veserius (Level Designer)
Maquina (Level Designer)
Buster (Skinner)
Oneshot & BengalSniper (Researchers)

Additional content by:

Xiao (Skinner)
Mapicted (Modeling)
Robbo (scripting help)
Lonewolf (509th) (scripting help)
Number7 (scripting help)
NovemberDobby (scripting help)
xHolyx (scripting help)
CodemanX (scripting help)
Deavius (scripting help)
Marc - AKA Wildcard (scripting help)
{PST} Joker (scripting help)
OMWG (scripting help)
OpenWarfare Team (scripting)
RGN Dev Team (Past and current members)
Bell, Ravir, Worm, Nedgerblansky (legacy scripting)
Michel S. Boonstra (Knokploeg Sound Mod)
Regolith (For his awesome Xmodel Exporter tool!)

Thanks to:

Mike Nomad, Wizz, Mr.Ray for the support and advice
SevenSniff, Spacepig, Redskull, Busterking (support)
RGN Raiders Game Net (Beta testing/Server) (Beta testing/Server)
RGN VIP Members (testing, support)
Blackmonkeys (support, testing)
B2Z Goucho + NFO CrazyCro and their Clan members (Beta testing/Server)
509th, Metal and ={dBb}= Clan, themadcappr and his Clan for addtional testing on 1.1 patch

--Zeroy. 11:55, 2 March 2010 (UTC)