Call of Duty 5: Video Mapping Tutorials

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Mapping General

Tuts by CODMapper

The following videos were created by BlackJackJonnyy & CODMapper, original thread HERE

Water & Alpha

Spiral Stairs


Tuts by BlackJackJonnyy

Advanced Portaling using single cells

Wire under tension

Speed Mapping: The road

Cliff path terrain Experiment

Broken Wall

Detailed Roof (includes naration)

Detailed Roof (includes naration) part 2

Detailed Curved Road

Detailed Arches (includes naration)

Using Cylinder (incudes naration)

Bends using Curve Meshes + Dome (includes naration)

Curved Walls w/ Curve Meshes (inlcudes naration)

Mortar hole part 1 : Detail made easy (inlcudes naration)

Mortar hole part 2 : Detail made easy (inlcudes naration)

Concrete impact crater

Vaulted curved tunnel (inlcudes naration)

Making a "Bessie" style bridge

Advanced arches , end caps and bevels

Trenches and Terrain

Advanced Terrain Series

Advanced Terrain Series Part 1

Advanced Terrain Series Part 2

Advanced Terrain Series Part 3

Advanced Terrain Series Part 4

Advanced Terrain Series Part 5

Advanced Terrain Series Part 6

Advanced Terrain Series Part 7

Advanced Terrain Series Part 8 FINAL

Mapping Tricks

ladders , prefabs , texturing and more

Mapping Portalling

Basic portal cell creation

Basic building portaling

Advanced portaling

  • PART1

  • PART2

  • PART3

Single Player Videos

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