Call of Duty 5: Shootable Pipes

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This tutorial will explain how to add Pipes which emit an FX (Steam, water or fire) when shoot at.


To start, build your pipe however you want and where you want it to be placed in your level.

  • Next make the pipe into a script_brushmodel.
  • Give this pipe a targetname of pipe_shootable.
  • Next, depending on what type of "liquid" should be flowing through the pipe, give it a script_noteworthy of either steam, water, or fire.

That's it for the basic setup of shootable pipes.

Exploding Pipe (Optional)

To make an exploding pipe that gives damages when it explodes, follow the above steps for initial setup of the pipe.

  • Now, next to where you would want the explosion to happen, make a new piece or copy your pipe.
  • Place these pieces (maximum of 2) into the final position you want the pieces to be after the explosion takes place.

 These pieces will automatically be hidden by _pipes.gsc when the level starts.

  • Select both pieces and make them into one script_brushmodel.
  • Give this new script_brushmodel a targetname of pipe_break.
  • Next give it a script_noteworthy of fire64, fire96, fire128, or fire256, depending on how big you want the FX to be.
You should have your "main" pipe, in its undestroyed state.
You should have two diagonal pieces intersecting it are the broken pieces that will show once the explosion is triggered.

Only TWO pieces are supported, and the two pieces are actually ONE script_brushmodel cut into two pieces

The exploding pipes act much the same as exploding barrels, ammo crates, and vehicles. If an exploding pipe is in the damage radius of another exploding pipe, it will take damage and start to burn, then explode.

Be sure to add the following lines to your 'zone_source/mp_[mapname].csv' file to let the explosion happen: