Call of Duty 5: Running Custom Maps on Linux

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This article describe a workaround to get the HTTP Redirect working with custom maps on Linux Server.


In order to run custom maps on Linux Server please make sure you have the latest Binaries installed, you can find them HERE.

The Workaround

  • Some maps do have issues with Minimap, make sure you have the very latest versions of those maps and that they have the minimap issue resolved.
  • For this workaround, you must have access to the zone/english directory of the game on your server
  • Place a copy of the localized_mp_custommap.ff file in your zone/english directory - mp_custommaps being the map name of course.

Example for mp_marsh

In this case the localized_mp_marsh.ff and the localized_mp_ambush.ff file need to be copied into the zone/english directory on the server

this way the custom maps do run on linux and can get fast downloaded by http-redirect it will NOT be downloaded in the clients zone/english directory but in the normal usermaps folder as it there is no cluttering at the clientside