Call of Duty 5: Packaging the map for client download

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Here is a tutorial to show Mappers how they should package their Maps for upload to Sites such as CODUtility or others;

General Overview

At present a Multiplayer map should contain the following files once created for public release:

  • mp_mapname.ff : This file is the biggest in size and contains the map geometry, models, FXs and more
  • localized_mp_mapname.ff : This file doesnt seem to be used by Online servers at all since it doesnt get downloaded; Best to include it anyway!
  • mp_mapname_load.ff : This is the Loadscreen Level File. Although not mandatory it is strongly recommended to have one to at least put some credits to map makers;
  • mp_mapname.iwd : This File usually contains the Loadscreen + Minimap IWI Images file but can also contain custom Textures or sounds;

The 3X .ff files should go toghether in a <usermaps> folder commonly named after the Map of course so in our example, in a folder called mp_mapname:

The last file left, mp_mapname.iwd should go in with those Fastfiles as well;

 This is since CoD:WaW Patch 1.4 released on 09th April 2009 - Servers running prior version will need the .IWD file placed in the mods folder instead!

Example for packaging


As well as the files we have seen above you should ALWAYS include a [[Call of Duty 5: Readme file|README.txt] file containing the details of the installation; Details for installation should look like his:

'Installation Instructions:
Place the [Map_name] folder within your USERMAPS folder on the server/local PC; 


Where to find USERMAPS folders:

DRIVE_LETTER:/Documents and Settings/YOUR_USERNAME/Local Settings/Application Data/Activision/CoDWaW/

DRIVE_LETTER:/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/AppData/Local Data/Activision/CoDWaW/

Note: For server admin on non-dedicated/shared server, contact the GSP to check how to.