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Nutshell.png All of the perks that are in the World at War game:

Perk Set 1

  • Special Grenades x3
  • Satchel Charge x2
  • M9A1 Bazooka x2
  • Bomb Squad
  • Bouncing Betty x2 (similar to claymores)
  • Bandolier
  • Primary Grenades x2
  • M2 Flamethrower

Perks 32.pngPerks 18.pngPerks 5.pngPerks 11.pngPerks 26.pngPerks 3.pngPerks 20.pngPerks 33.png

Perk Set 2

  • Stopping Power
  • Fireworks (explosives cause more damage)
  • Flak Jacket (decreases damage taken by explosives)
  • Gas Mask
  • Juggernaut
  • Camouflage
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Shades (decreases intensity of signal flares)
  • Double Tap
  • Overkill

Perks 27.pngPerks 28.pngPerks 29.pngPerks 4.pngPerks 1.pngPerks 13.pngPerks 12.pngPerks 25.pngPerks 16.pngPerks 8.png

Perk Set 3

  • Deep Impact
  • Extreme Conditioning
  • Steady Aim
  • Toss Back (resets fuse on tossing back enemy grenade)
  • Second Chance (ability to revive allies)
  • Martyrdom
  • Fireproof
  • Dead Silence
  • Iron Lungs
  • Reconnaissance (shows artillery and tanks on map)

Perks 2.pngPerks 23.pngPerks 15.pngPerks 24.pngPerks 30.pngPerks 21.pngPerks 31.pngPerks 19.pngPerks 7.png

Vehicle Perk

  • Water Cooler (less overheat on tank machine guns)
  • Greased Bearings (quicker turret rotational speed)
  • Ordinance Training (faster tank main turret reloading)
  • Leadfoot (faster moving tanks)
  • Coaxial Machine Gun (driver gets a machine gun too)

Perks 17.pngPerks 22.pngPerks 6.pngPerks 14.pngPerks 10.png

For modders

In script/stringtables names of the perks

specialty_bulletaccuracy	:Steady Aim
specialty_doublegrenade		:Primary grenade x2
specialty_fireproof		:Reduce the effects of the flamethrower
specialty_greased_bearings	:Speed up the rate of rotation of tank turrets
specialty_longersprint		:Sprint for longer
specialty_pistoldeath		:Last stand
specialty_shades		:Reduces the effects of flares/stun grenades
specialty_weapon_betty		:Bouncing Betty x2
specialty_bulletdamage		:Stopping Power
specialty_explosivedamage	:Fireworks - Increase explosive damage
specialty_flak_jacket		:Reduce damage taken from explosives
specialty_grenadepulldeath	:Martyrdom
specialty_quieter		:Dead Silence
specialty_specialgrenade	:Specials Grenades x3
specialty_weapon_flamethrower	:M2 Flamethrower
specialty_armorvest		:Juggernaut
specialty_bulletpenetration	:Deep Impact
specialty_extraammo		:Bandolier
specialty_gas_mask		:Reduces the effects of gas grenade attacks
specialty_holdbreath		:Iron lungs
specialty_ordinance		:Faster firing main tank gun
specialty_reconnaissance	:Reconnaissance (shows artillery and tanks on map)
specialty_twoprimaries		:Overkill
specialty_weapon_rpg		:2x Rocket Propelled Grenades
specialty_boost			:Coaxial Machine Gun(driver gets a machine gun too)
specialty_detectexplosives	:Bomb Squad
specialty_fastreload		:Sleight of hand (faster reload)
specialty_gpsjammer		:Conceal yourself from radar
specialty_leadfoot		:Increase the drive speed of tanks
specialty_pin_back		:Toss back - resets timer on throwing back grenades
specialty_rof			:Double tap
specialty_water_cooled		:Decreases tank MG overheat rate
specialty_weapon_satchel	:Satchel Charges x2

Some comments from _class.gsc

"perk_bulletDamage", "40"		// increased bullet damage by this %
"perk_fireproof", "55"			// reduced flame damage by this %
"perk_armorVest", "75"			// multipy damage by this %	
"perk_explosiveDamage", "25"		// increased explosive damage by this %
"perk_flakJacket", "75"			// explosive damage is this % of original
"perk_flakJacketMaxDamage", "75"	// max damage caused by grenade in %

For Server Admins

Some perks are customizable through the use of Dvars, place the following (default shown) in your server.cfg

set perk_weapSpreadMultiplier 0.65
set perk_weapReloadMultiplier 0.5
set perk_weapRateMultiplier 0.75
set perk_extraBreath 5
set perk_bulletPenetrationMultiplier 2
set perk_grenadeDeath frag_grenade_short_mp
set perk_sprintMultiplier 2
set perk_grenadeTossBackTimer 2500
set perk_turretRotSpeedMultiplier 1.25
set perk_overheatReduction 0.7
set perk_vehicleReloadReduction 0.7

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