Call of Duty 5: Mapping Troubleshooting

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Why is my map covered in red when I play it?

Either your reflections compile failed or you skipped that step all together.

My reflections won't compile. Why?

Double check you have a reflection_probe in your map, you have a dm_spawn, and try creating your fast file first.

Radiant is acting weird, how can I reset the settings?

This would require editing the registry, be very careful as this has the possibility to cripple your computer if you mess it up.

  • Start Menu -> Run -> "regedit" -> OK
  • File -> Export -> "backup.reg"
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> iw
  • Delete the folder "CoDWaWRadiantModTool".
  • Start Radiant and reselect the project file in "CoDWaW root/bin".

When I load my map it switches to a different one, how can I stop this?

First check you have at least the spawn entities for TDM, DM, and a global_intermission. If you do then you may have an error in your map. Check all the boxes at the bottom of the compile screen before you run your map.

If you don't use the compile tools then type in these commands into the console before loading your map, if your map has any errors they will now show.

/developer 1
/developer_script 1
/logfile 2
/devmap yourmapname

When I load my map I can't see anything. Why is the gun or a red FX is blocking my view?

Your zone file may be out of date. Go into the compile tools and select "4. Update Zone File" then add the following entries if they aren't present.

  • Marines
    • char_usa_raider_player_rifle
    • char_usa_raider_player_cqb
    • char_usa_raider_player_assault
    • char_usa_raider_player_lmg
    • char_usa_raider_player_smg
  • Japanese
    • char_jap_impinf_player_rifle
    • char_jap_impinf_player_cqb
    • char_jap_impinf_player_assault
    • char_jap_impinf_player_lmg
    • char_jap_impinf_player_smg
  • Russians
    • rifle
    • cqb
    • assault
    • lmg
    • smg
  • Germans
    • rifle
    • cqb
    • assault
    • lmg
    • smg

“*** LEAKED ***”

This refers to an entitiy that has found a way outside the world space. Often you won’t find coordinates with this type of error message because it’s impossible for the compiler to know what the extents of the world are if it can get outside of it. The best way to track down a leak is to load the level again in Graydiant, go to “File”, and select the “Pointfile…” option. This loads a file generated by Q3Map that recreates the path the entity made as it found it’s way outside the world. You can see the path both in your 2D grid, as well as your 3D preview.

Follow it from the entity’s origin and it will lead you to the hole in the world.

"WARNING: portal at (XX, YY, ZZ) entity 0 brush ### has the same cell on both sides, portal ignored”

An all too common problem. This occurs when you have a portal face that is not containing a cell/zone. What happens is similar to a map leak, but because everything is still contained in the world, then the intended cell becomes part of the cell it is trying to stay separate from. To correct this, inspect the area of the cell and filter out any geometry that is not “structural” in nature to help you find the cell leak. Plug the hole, re-compile, and all should be well.

"ERROR: missing zone portal between zones ‘example_zone01’ and ‘example_zone02’”

Kind of obvious. This error message appears when there is a leak between zones, or the info_zone_marker in each zone can find each other. Unfortunately there is no pointfile to help you find this leak, but the next best thing is to import the “C:\” into your level to help you find the general area where this is happening.

"Triangulation failed”

This is a rare issue, caused by a portal, zone, or structural surface splitting another piece or group of geometry that the compiler cannot assign vertices to the cut geometry in a logical manner. Usually the only courses of action are to either move the group of geometry in the general area of the error to a location that is not being bisected by portals or structural geometry and vise versa, or modify the geometry that is being split by said portal/structural object in a way that will be more palatable to the compiler – such as aligning seams of geometry on the same axis.

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