Call of Duty 5: MP - Adding Dogs

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Nutshell.png Tutorial to add those dreaded Dogs to your Levels!

Missing Prefabs

Warning.png IMPORTANT: Treyarch didnt include the MP Prefabs so here they are:


Simply unpack in your cod5_root, all folder structure is already done.

List of included prefabs for this section:

Marines dogs.jpg


Almost everything needed for dogs are in the "map_source\_prefabs\MP\" folder as prefabs. There are 5 things needed to successfully setup your map.

  • dog_spawner
    • You only need one of these in your map and place it flush with the ground.
  • dog_spawn_node
    • A dog will spawn from each of these and start to follow the closest path.
  • dog_exit_node
    • The dogs will return to these when time is up, generally you only need one per group of dog_spawn_node(s).
  • nopatrol_node
    • Place these to have dogs follow them at full speed with no wandering.
      • These CANNOT be more than 256 units apart.
  • node_pathnode
    • This is the only entity that is not a prefab, found by "Right clicking the grid -> Node -> Pathnode"
      • Dogs will patrol these nodes and they CANNOT be more than 256 units apart.

In Radiant

1. Place a dog_spawner anywhere in the play area flush with the ground like a dm_spawn.
2. Place 4 dog_spawn_nodes.

  • It is possible to place them outside the play area and using nopatrol_nodes have them run in.

3. Place a dog_exit_node close to each group of dog_spawn_node.
4. If your going to use nopatrol_nodes then place them now.
5. Fill your map with node_pathnodes making sure they aren't farther than 256 units apart and only placing them where you want dogs to go. This means that if you have a large part that is inaccessible to the player or you want to be a safe spot then don't bother placing path nodes there.

Final steps

Save, Compile, Test.

  • When compiling ensure you have "Connect Paths" selected in your Compile level options.
  • Double check that you have a Map GSC file.
  • Use "/devmap mp_yourmapname" to load your map and this also enables cheats.
  • Give yourself dogs with "/give dogs_mp" in console.
  • The maximum of dogs allowed is 8 but only 4 can be spawned at a time, so if one dies another will come up to 8.

Sources: Treyarch's wiki