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As many maps are now nearly ready for release, I thought it the right time to release my work-around for the loadscreen problem.


Essentially, there are 3 causes to the problem:

  • Launcher wont let you make a loadscreen at all, because the .DLL file for AssetManager is the one for COD4 and doesnt work with the SQL .DLL for the COD5 tools. It therefore returns an error of a .DLL file mismatch;
  • There are missing CSV files that Launcher looks for. These are assetlist CSV files, which the game is told to ignore on load. However, when the compiler cant find them, it returns a series of errors which are enough to make it abort notwithstanding the .DLL error mismatch of 1.
  • The Treyarch Wiki gives wrong info in building the level.GDT file. The correct settings are these:

You will notice that the materials files for victoryBackdrop and defeatBackdrop are not the ones you are told to use in the Treyarch Wiki. If you try to use the ones on the Wiki, when you try and run your map, the game will crash with an error saying that it cannot load image mile_high_victory_screen.

No matter what you do, it will refuse to load that image. However, if you use the settings above, all will be fine.


Ok, so how to overcome this? Simple: dont use Launcher to build your loadscreen at all. Use a .BAT file and a mp_map_load.csv file.

Here is a download for a test map loadscreen I did:


Inside the .ZIP file you will find all the necessary files you will need to make your own loadscreen. Just use them as a guide. Pay close attention to both their setup and their syntax and wording.

You will need to rename the map used in these example files, to match your own map. Otherwise, you wont have a loadscreen that works with your map. Please pay attention to the instructions given in this tutorial


  • Place the folder 'compiler' inside the 'mods' folder in your root game install. That is by default:
C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\mods

Rename the example CSV file mp_gap_load.csv to match the name of your map.

Go into the CSV file, and rename the map referenced inside. that is, edit this line:


Edit the .BAT file. You need to change every instance of mp_gap_load. That is, you have to edit to this:

copy /Y mp_yourmap_load.csv ..\..\zone_source
cd ..\..\bin
linker_pc.exe -language english -compress -cleanup mp_yourmap_load
cd ..\mods\compiler
copy ..\..\zone\english\mp_yourmap_load.ff
  • Place the files inside the enclosed 'zone_source' folder inside your game's 'zone_source' folder.

The assetlist CSVs go in the 'english' folder. The game needs these although it will be told to ignore them.

The example mp_gap_load.csv goes just inside 'zone_source'. Rename the file itself to the name of your map.

Open the CSV file, and rename the loadscreen to match your map's name.

  • Place the contents of the enclosed 'raw' folder in their respective folders in your game's tools 'raw' folder. Obviously, you cant actually use the materials and image files, but use them as a guide to where you place your map's ones.

That is, your maps' loadscreen IWI file and materials go in their respective folders inside the 'raw' folder.


Go back to mods/compiler, and double-click the .BAT file. This will run linker_pc.exe and return a .FF file.

If you've followed everything correctly, the tools should return a load .FF file named after your map.

This is one I built for a "Jump" map by _DanTheMan_, named mp_gap (the example used):

I have created about 5 such loadscreens for different mappers using this method.


1. As we all know, COD5 uses the local Application Data directory to run maps and mods. What isnt clear at the moment is that Treyarch have reverted us back to the COD4 pre-1.5 patch method, where all map IWDs go inside a mod folder.

You cannot run your map IWD inside the 'usermaps' folder.

2. So, to set up your map, place everything but the IWD file in:

Inside the 'usermaps' folder, create another folder named after your map (just like you did for COD4). So, the directory root will now be:

3. Place your 3 fast files:

  • mp_mapname.ff
  • localized_mp_mapname.ff
  • mp_mapname_load.ff

4. Next, choose a mod to run your map from. There is a default mod named mp_usermaps. Place your map's IWD, with its loadscreen IWI and minimap IWI, inside it.

Have fun!

By Tally