Call of Duty 5: List Of Animations

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There are three ways you can go about finding what animations are at your disposal.

Animations in CoDWaW typically have a prefix such as ch_ for character, o_ for object, v_ for vehicle, p_ for player, etc... Otherwise animations will typically have a straight forward prefix for what they are such as stuka_ or patrol_.

Anim Trees

animTrees (.atr) files contain all the animations used in the game. The animTrees are a series of lists that tell an entity what animations to use, while the animScripts take care of how a lot of the regular animations are handled on entities such as walk, running, firing, and idle animations.

Location: [root]\raw\animtrees

The animTrees (.atr files) can be opened in just about any text editor like WordPad, NotePad, Ultra Edit, etc...

A big chunk (if not all) of AI body animations are inside generic_human.atr. If you see a specific animation in a level when playing the game, you can do a search for the level name and you will come across the list of animations for that level. For example, searching for "Oki3" takes us to a list called "level_oki3", the first few animations being:


//regroup at the gate

We can use any of the animations with the ch_ prefix on an AI by simply defining it in our script, for example:

level.scr_anim["sarge"]["meet_by_wall"] = %Ch_oki3_regroup_sarge_order;

Level Scripts

Another good location to find an animation that you may recall from a level is in the level's _anim script file.

Location: [root]\raw\maps

oki3_anim.gsc has a long list of scr._anims and scr._sounds, a small snippet from the gsc:

// "Open fire!"
level.scr_sound["sarge"]["open_fire"] = "Oki3_IGD_244A_ROEB";
// "Clear the area!"
level.scr_sound["sarge"]["clear_area2"] = "Oki3_IGD_245A_ROEB";
// "Miller - man that MG!"
level.scr_sound["sarge"]["man_mg"] = "Oki3_IGD_246A_ROEB";

Xanim Folder

The folder with all the game animation files is another good place to see what animations are available.

Location: [root]\raw\xanim

Sources: Treyarch's Wiki