Call of Duty 5: Japanese Ambush Tutorial

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Japanese Ambush

This module was put together and written by our very own Chris Pierro. It demonstrates how to set up a Japanese ambush containing Spiderholes, Tree Snipers, and the Flare that brightens up the night sky. Included in the module are all files needed to compile the example. Read the tutorial below and follow along with the source files to learn from experience.

Tutorial Source Files (Local copy): Version 1.2 (Updated August 21th, 2009)

Author's Note:
This doc explains the various components that go into the "example ambush" map and how to set them up. It is not meant to recreate the steps necessary to duplicate the example map, but rather as a guide for setting up some of the things used in the map. I won't spell it ALL out for you, as some things are better left discovered via good old fashioned detective work. All the necessary components for this map are included in the archive, including scripts, map_source, prefabs and zone_source files!

Sources: Treyarch's Wiki