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Nutshell.png Gameplay Standards are extremely important when mapping a level as they determine how the player will see the world but also how the gameplay will be affected. Building a doorway to small or a ledge too high might result in poor game flow...

Gameplay Standards

This document should help standardize the size and scale of MP/SP/Co-Op levels.

Conversion to Yards/Meters

1 unit = 1 Inch = 0.02778 Yards 1 unit = 2.54 Centimetres = 0.0254 Meters 1 inch = 2.54 Centimetres

So for example 500 meters is about 20000 units.



54 units wide/ 92 units high (inside the frame) (CoDWaW)

Double door

For high traffic areas it is sometime best to make it a double door.

108 units wide/ 92 units high (inside the frame) (CoDWaW)

Window Height

32 units from the floor (CoDWaW)

Window frame

52 wide/68 high (inside the frame) (CoDWaW)


6 high/ 8 deep 64 unit min. width (CoDWaW)


One story high

112 units high (CoDWaW)


32-48 units wide (CoD4)



Four Car Width

512 units (CoD4)


Two Tank Width

320 units (CoD4)


Small Street

192 units wide (CoD4)



128 units wide (CoD4)


192 units wide (CoD4)


256 units wide (CoD4)

Cover Heights

“Cover Heights” is cover that protects the player below the gun. These measurements allow the player to be behind cover but still able to shoot over without changing stance, leaving him partially vulnerable.

Standing Cover Height

48 units high (CoD4)

Crouch cover wall

36 units (CoD4)

Prone cover height

16 units high (CoD4)

Stance Clearance

Prone Height Clearance

32 units high (CoDWaW)

Crouch Height Clearance

52 units high (CoDWaW)

Jump Height Clearance

38 units high (CoDWaW)

MG Emplacement Height

30 to 34 units off the ground (CoDWaW)

Engagement Ranges

512 is a good distance to shoot an SMG at a target and 1024 is a good distance for a rifle.

There is a model in the game called static_opt_eng_dist_guide It has two rings around him, one at 512 and one at 1024. You can drop the model in your level to make sure your geo is not getting too big.

Static opt eng dist guide.jpg

SMG Distance / Rifle Distance

512 units / 1024 units (CoD4)

Sources: Treyarch's Wiki