Call of Duty 5: From Radiant to Maya

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First of all, it's not possible to pull an entire Radiant map into Maya all at once. Maya has trouble running the mel scripts that gets generated in Radiant when it's too large.

In Radiant, select the info that you want to pull into Maya. You will probably want to change your filters to hide everything else except patches and brushes. At this time it's only possible to pull in brushes and patches. Once you have everything you want selected, go the Selection> Maya Export. In the Dialog box that pops up, make sure that Quads and inches are set and that Merge is checked. UVs don't seem to matter at this point. This creates a mel script


Make sure that this file is less than 4 - 5 megs or you will freeze Maya.

Misc models (props) can get pulled into Maya as a basic bounding box.

  • In Maya, make sure that your units are in inches and Z is up.
This can be found under windows > settings/preferences > preferences> under the settings catagory.
  • Now, find and run the mel script that was generated by Radiant. Once this is done, you should have the same geometry that was in Radiant and it should be properly scaled and aligned to the world.
  • If necessary you can run this process several times to pull in a whole map.
  • From there, if desired, export an fbx file to pull this into 3dsMax or MotionBuilder.

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