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ERM 2.0 - Extreme Realism Mod 2.0

The Mod

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The katana is broader in scope than the recoil of the knife. Available only in some Japanese classes. With the katana sword you can jump and attack the enemy. You can also enjoy the game mode "Katana Fight".

Japanese Type 92

Japanese heavy weapon, nicknamed the "woodpecker." This powerful weapon can only shoot from a tripod.


The new class sapper carries a shotgun slugs, 2 timed explosive and toxic gas (hence wearing gas masks). In addition, the sapper can deactivate mines (Bouncing Betty) and other explosives.


The new class "Handle Mortar"is essential to the game tactically. A mortar with 12 rounds. An increase of up to 850 meters and 90 degrees off, controlled by keyboard and mouse wheel.

Kar98k (Mauser) vCoD style

Test the effectiveness of original Kar98k shot vCoD style! Reliable, more stable and with a minimum error range if you're a shooter environment. Essential for medium-long distances.


Greater effectivness and agility. New sound.

British Lee Enfield CoD2 style

This weapon has been introduced to the game mode "rifles only" and therefore not available for SD and other game with normal weapons. However, it will be a joy to have her in rifles only DeathMatch.

Corpsman (Medic)

Corpsman carries 3 doses of morphine and can leave kit for other corpsman to heal the wounded with morphine needle.

Realistic Sprint Animations

Players move in different ways depending on the weapon they use, when Sprint your gun is attached to the body downstream if it is a heavier weapon or machine gun.

Realistic Combat Experience

ERM 2.0 exists in the effect of blurred vision in very fast motion. Previously seen in Crysis and ArmA II and has been implemented to ensure immersion. In the video, technical limitations does not show the well appreciated effects.

New Class: Observer

This new class includes a radio and a system to the shooters of mortar. First phase completed.

Realistic 30 Cal. Browning

ERM 2.0 In the 30 gauge that sounds like a machine gun that propels projectiles of 30mm, so they sound strident in person. Corrected the way to target and now you can use from looking upward.

Realistic MG-42

Sound taken from a real MG42 high definition microphone. 1200 rounds per minute.

Mortars and Radio Operator Support

The mortar hits a shot. The observer chooses a position and transmits the coordinates necessary changes to the mortar through the radio. The observer notes that the coordinates are correct and transmits a new order, effective fire. This option allows the mortars kept in rear positions without risk. The tactical game prevails in ERM 2.0.

New Menus

New menu, more intuitive. Also you have more realistic sounds now in ERM 2.0.

Realistic Effects

Head-implemented ERM 2.0 gibbing, something that Treyarch has not implemented for several reasons:

  • Problems in assigning physical models of the heads. Asset Manager misunderstood routes and not allow physical map error paths. In addition, the physical is not consistent with actual model dimensions
  • Problems in detecting the origin of the shot
  • Problems by throwing the head and helmet (if fitted) as 1 fps before animation, and although the player does not see it, there's a dead body lying on the floor. The origin of the head and the helmet was based on the ground.
  • No models were assigned to 4 classes of soldiers per side.

All this has been rewritten and arranged ... for this new game

New Game Mode: Assault (Black Ops style gametype similar to Demolition)

2 objectives to destroy. Longest rounds. Custom targets and new effects for some maps.

  • Remove the 2 Goals: 2 points
  • Keep the 2 Goals: 2 Points
  • Keep 1 Objective: 1 Point
  • Remove 1 Objective: 1 Point
  • The first to reach 5 points is the winner.


Realistic effects of when your wounded.


The bullets whistle around you and actually sound realistic for a change!

Air Attack - Kill Streak

Artillery was removed and replaced with something less precice, but realistic... a squadron of Corsairs and Jap Zeros!

Realistic Movement

Color enhancement, better graphics, and better FPS

Before I wouldn't even come close to averaging 125 FPS or higher in CoD5 with my graphics maxed out. Now I do! Most mods out there cause your fps to drop. This makes your FPS a lot better and gives you better graphics! Are you kidding me?!

Remodel your maps with ERM 2.0

ERM 2.0 includes an interface for you to personalize your maps even with dynamic vegetation.

P.S. Thanks again Zweimann of the Clan 8 Helipollos gaming community of Spain!


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