Call of Duty 5: Adding Voiceovers

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Adding voiceovers to your map

Adding voiceovers to your map is probably the easiest sounds to add as there is very little involved in the way of editing.

Make sure you replace any reference to mp_yourmapsname with the name of your map, also! When editing files always make sure you make backup copies first.

csc file

The very first thing we need to do, is to make sure that you have a in raw/clientscripts/mp, if you do not have one then you need to create one, once you have created one copy and paste these lines into it, you may need to change the team nationalities as well.

#include clientscripts\mp\_utility;


	// If the team nationalites change in this level's gsc file,
	// you must update the team nationality here!
	level.allies_team = "marines";
	level.axis_team   = "german";

	// _load!

        // clientscripts\mp\mp_yourmapsname_fx::main();

	thread clientscripts\mp\_fx::fx_init(0);
	thread clientscripts\mp\_audio::audio_init(0);

	// thread clientscripts\mp\mp_yourmapsname_amb::main();

	// This needs to be called after all systems have been registered.
	thread waitforclient(0);

	println("*** Client : mp_yourmapsname running...");


zone file

The next thing to check is you have these lines in your zone file, without these lines, especially the top one! Your sounds will not work.



Adding the voiceovers

The first thing to do is open up your multiplayer.csv file in notepad, or wichever text editor you prefer, you will find this file in...


So for US/JAP scroll down till you find

# Voiceover
# US Announcer USED

The next line down has a list of map names and the first one is mp_airfield, and thats the one we want to change. it looks like this...

US_1mc_freeforall,1,voiceovers\mp\us\US_1mc_freeforall_00.wav,,0.9,0.9,,,360,600,,,,,,voice,2d,streamed,,,,mp_airfield  mp_beachhead mp_castle mp_courtyard mp_hangar mp_kneedeep mp_makin mp_shrine,,,,,,,,,,,0,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you move the slider along a bit you will see mp_airfield is the first one, but we need it to look like this.

US_1mc_freeforall,1,voiceovers\mp\us\US_1mc_freeforall_00.wav,,0.9,0.9,,,360,600,,,,,,voice,2d,streamed,,,,mp_yourmapsname  mp_beachhead mp_castle mp_courtyard mp_hangar mp_kneedeep mp_makin mp_shrine,,,,,,,,,,,0,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,

AND! Every other line that has mp_airfield in it, so now go to menu at the top and select edit/replace.

First box = mp_airfield
second box = mp_yourmapsname

Select "replace all"

Thats the first half done.

Now scroll down till you find...

#RU Announcer USED

Repeat the above steps with mp_asylum.

now save and copy it to raw/soundaliases replacing the old one with your new one.

Thats it! You now have voiceovers in your map.

arachnofang 00:06, 5 July 2010 (UTC)